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Configure virtuemart - Paypal - pay with Credit card

i have a paypal business account, and i would like to make it possible for users to pay with credit card on my site. I have set up the paypal module with the sandbox, it seems like it is working.
How can i make it possible for users to be able to pay with credit card also, and not just with a paypal account?

best regards
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1 Solution
Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
You have 3 options

YOu can integrate the Paypal API into the joomla component to achieve this and enable accepting credit cards within paypal

Or you can use many of the paypal modules which are not free like myjoomlaextensions.com

Or finally use a payment gateway designed for credit cards, I use WorldPay as the rates they charge are way less than paypal and its a real bank, users are more trusting to use a credit card with a bank rather than paypal

We have found most customers or ours prefer we setup a payamnet gateway for C/C which is not paypal.

PatricckAuthor Commented:
I have found a CreditCard option in virtuemarts under List Payment Methods

it seems like this:

Payment Method Name:  Credit Card      
Code:       an
Payment class name ps_paypal       
Payment method type:       Credit Card
                                        Use Payment Processor
                                        Bank debit
                                        Address only / Cash on Delivery
                                        HTML-Form based (e.g. PayPal)
                                        Accepted Credit Card Types:
American Express
Discover Card
Diners Club
Australian Bankcard
Shopper Group:       
Discount Type:       Percentage    
Maximum discount amount:       
Minimum discount amount:       
List Order:       

Test mode ?                  When enabled, let's you test your Notify Script File


through the PayPal IPN Simulator: https://developer.paypal.com
PayPal payment email:             Your business email address for PayPal payments. Also used as receiver_email.
Order Status for successful transactions             Select the order status to which the actual order is set, if the PayPal IPN was successful. If using download selling options: select the status which enables the download (then the customer is instantly notified about the download via e-mail).
Order Status for Pending Payments             The order Status to which Orders are set, which have no completed Payment Transaction. The transaction was not cancelled in this case, but it is just pending and waiting for completion.
Accept only verified buyers?             Here you can choose if you only want to accept payments from buyers with a verified PayPal account (when an account is not verified, PayPal does transfer the funds, but they do not fully guarantee the validity of the sale).
Order Status for failed transactions             Select an order status for failed PayPal transactions.

Payment Extra Info:

It is not possible to make it with virtuemars inbuilt module?

Best regards

Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

This page has a few more options

Have you tested to see what options you get when you process a payment and see if the credit card option pops up once your taken to paypal?

Note: When testing you cant use your own paypal account to test the system if its the same paypal account as the virtuemart, which i personally think is pretty stupid, as its a "free" way to test the payment processing. WorldPay allows this.
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Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
What you mentioned above is to use the Credit card processor to select paypal
I think its the other way around paypal processor setup to use credit card see below

Well if you go into

VM(backend) > Store > List Payment Methods > Paypal

YOu will see a check box which allow you to set credit card rather than html form based

You could try that and see if it works, it should but as I said we never use the paypal for Credit cards as rates are high.

Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
Also the bonus of allowing Paypal or Worldpay to process the credit card details it means you never have them stored on your site or in your database so less of a security risk for you.

I know Worldpay when they do the site check if the system takes the credit card details before you get to the https:// secure part of worldpay you fail to be given an installation id, as the credit cards details could be intercepted or worse.

I assume paypal would have a strict test to check the security and process on your site if not that would worry me alot.
I would check with paypal directly as they probably will run a test on your site before authorising ability to take credit card payments.

PatricckAuthor Commented:
I would like to use the inbuilt module of virtuemrat - ps_paypal. I have set it up with paypal sandbox, but when i make an order i get an email from my site, that the order has been placed, but on paypal sandbox i dont get the info about it.

PatricckAuthor Commented:
Hi Storm,

i have checked your  WorldPay, but there is a monthly fee included.. which is not the best for us at the beginning.
Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:
Yeah worldpay has a monthly fee but no % taken from the sales
Paypal takes a % from the sales if your store turns over a enough you'll see you probably spend alot more on paypal


It works out Paypal take around 3.6% of a sales transaction on £100, so if you sold 10 items it would be around £36 of fees
Worldpay is £19.95 a month with 350 inclusive transactions and 28p per transaction after that (alot less is you sell more than one product a month)

But there are alternatives, anyways back to your problem,
If memory serves me the setup of creditcards isnt done at the VM end its done at the Paypal end

with worldpay you give a customer the choice of creditcard as a payment option then worldpay asks them what they are paying with say credit card or debit card

but with paypal you give the user paypal (as an option) and once they login to paypal the customer chooses whether to use a credit card or use there account

This link shows what I mean

So as noting is being handled on the site for the credit card there really shouldnt be anything to setup in VM just on your merchant acocunt at paypal to allow credit cards as a choice.

PatricckAuthor Commented:
Not exactly what i was searching for, but i will consider this. Thanks


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