iPhone 4.1 with Exchange 2003

One of my customers installed iPhone IOS 4.1 (released yesterday) and that broke the calendar.

Contacts OTA sync works.
Calendar OTA sync doesnt.

When this person tried to sync calendar from iTunes and clicked the “sync calendar” box, this creates a 2nd version of the calendar on iphone called “From My PC.”  

OTA mails work
OTA contacts work.
OTA calendar doesnt ?

any clues ?
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Factory reset the Phone and start again.
Have you tried removing the exchange account and started again ?
sunnyc7Author Commented:
this is hot off the oven. I wanted to figure out the options before I dig in
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Cheers sunnyc7, there is the solution.

When configuring the exchange account on iphone, it asks if the synced calendar will erase the existing one or not.
When you just finished configuring the exchange account on iphone, mail is ON, contacts is ON and the calendar is turned OFF by default.

If you turn it ON, it will ask if you want to erase or not the existing calendar.

sunnyc7Author Commented:
cheers ricky.
I will try out FDiskWizard's solutions and post back.

sunnyc7Author Commented:
This will probably be the last step. The user has loads of GPS enabled apps.
will have to try a backup and restore.
sunnyc7Author Commented:
The user reported today that iPhone 4.1 started working and syncing calendar by itself.
I didnt do anything.

will close this.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I expect you walked near the server and it got the message!  I often fix problems like that too : )
sunnyc7Author Commented:
You bet :))
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