Migrating Public folders from one Exchange server 2007 to another...

How do i to migrate publics folders from one server to another one?

VMWAREit security administratorAsked:
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
In Exchange 2007 the easiest way to accomplish this would be to use Powershell to move/migrate public folders. Take a look at the link as it provides details for this...


Hope this helps~!
endital1097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
to move all public folders use the MoveAllReplicas.ps1 script (removes replica from source)
to copy use the AddReplicaToPFRecursive.ps1 script

these can be found under c:\program files\microsfot\exchange server\scripts
VMWAREit security administratorAuthor Commented:
what if the public folders are not in the same domain?

endital1097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
do you mean not in the same exchange organization? domain doesn't matter as long as they are in the same org
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