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Cannot Offer Remote Assistance to Client Workstations, but can revceive and action requests.


I can receive files and emails for remote assistance requests from workstations (xp sp3 and W7 64bit) in the domain to my windows 7 (ultimate, 64bit) PC.
The Administrator profile on the server can also use these profiles, to administer requests for remote assistance.

However, I cannot on the Windows 7, XP or SBS2008 server instigate an unsolicited offer of remote assistance to a user.

I have checked a variety of settings in GPO's, Goggled and the error given on failure of offering a remote assistance is event log 9, source Remote Assistance.

with the explanation "There was a problem interacting with COM object 833E4010-AFF7-4AC3-AAC2-9F24C1457BCE.  An outdated version might be installed, or the component might not be installed at all."

Any ideas?
RDP works fine.
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1 Solution
Cris HannaCommented:
take a look at the 1st response in this forum and see if it helps
davidfrankAuthor Commented:
Did that one earlier, followed by a Gpudate /force.
Used the corrected code Submitted by the third post.

Still getting the same issue on XP and W7 stations.
Adding to the above, your user needs to be a member of the offer remote assistance group on the win2k8 and windows 7.

The GPO on/for windows XP
Computer configuration\administrative templates\system\remote assistance
enabled : offer remote assistance
define the helpers individual users, groups (using the show). Presumably you are using GPMC to manage the GPOs.
Do not use preferences, so not sure whether there are preferences that set those items up for win2k8/windows 7.

You can use computer configuration\security settings\restricted groups
to assign users, groups to the workstation/systems's builtin\offer remote assistance group.

i.e. domain\administrators member of offer remote assistance.
Adds this entry to the list.

you can do it the other way, which will mean that if anybode explicitly adds a different user/group to the local offer remote assistance, it will be removed when the policy refreshes
i.e. offer remote assistance domain admins.
limits who can be a member of the system's builtin group

i.e. the restriction is often used to limit which users can be made part of the builtin\administrators group.

on windows7/windows 2008 you would use msra /offerRA to either.
To offer from windows XP You would need to install the support tools and then through the help and support tools, you will have the offer remote assistance.
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davidfrankAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the above, all things already per the above recommendations.

I am sure this is a SBS2008 issue as I have a another SBS2003 machine on the network (different domain name etc...) and all RA options solicited, unsolicted etc.. work for both test machines when I join that domain.

This issue only occurs for the same machines within the SBS2008 domain.

use GPMC and run the group policy results wizard against the systems to see whether they have the remoe assistance option disabled?
Or a different GPO overrides/restricts this.

Check the version information on the systems that work against the ones on the systems that do not.

Did a quick search on your error, but there is no clear solution that I saw.
davidfrankAuthor Commented:
Ok, now I think we may be getting to some answers, when I used group policy wizard on the server no problem works fine.

When I run it on the workstation (XP SP3) I get the error "RPC server is unavailable."

I have read a couple of solutions which suggest this is due to the way I have joined the XP machines to the SBS2008 domain.
Not sure if this is the issue, but could this be stopping the GPO's being sent to the XP client?

In the mean time I am going to try a few fixes to try and resolve this RPC issue, if you know a quick fix do post.

Yes.  If the XP was not completely joined, it might not be registering or being able to access the resources on the domain.

rerun the network ID wizard to rejoin the domain.
properties of my computer\computer name.
But first make sure that the DNS name server record points to the DC. if not set it.
davidfrankAuthor Commented:
The DNS name server record does point to the DC.

Re ran the join the domain wizard, still doing it.

For now I have basically told the team to email me the request, though this doesn't help too much if the issue is email.
I feel like giving up on the issue, as this also happens with the windows 7 workstations too.

Shame as this issue seems to be a common issue with SBS2008.
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