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How do I change my partions from Primary to Logical and from Logical to Primary

I have a removable hard drive I just bought to add to my windows 7 box.

Its one of those that I can slide in and slide out hard drive docks.

I was just wondering when I first put in it with a bran new fresh out of the package hard drive why it made that disk a (primary Partation)

How can I change from Primary Partition to Logical Drive and vise versa.

Here is my layout

DISK 0 - 150 GIG       -   C: (System, Boot, Page file, Active,    E: HP recovery (Primary Partation)      F: Where I store stuff
DISK 1 - 2 T               - (Primary Partition) This is the removable  slide in slide out drive that I have its a vantec with a fan and I can lock it with a key
DISK 2 - 2 T               - (Logical Drive) This drive is outside the box connected via SATA cable and its a dock. The hard drive is sorta exposed and I could remove and place drives in there  Its a Nextstar HD Dock)

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as far as I know, that is not possible, you have to copy your data, delete and recreate the partitions the way you want...

you can use aeseus, it is free for home use and a good tool:
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How would I do that. Because I tried to delete and recreate in Disk Management but it doesn't give the option to
You need to use third party software.
If you want to use only windows you need to delete the partition and create o new one with the type that you want.
I did that it gives no option for logic or primary in windows 7

"You need to use third party software.
If you want to use only windows you need to delete the partition and create o new one with the type that you want."
A hard disk can only hold 4 primary partitions on its Master Boot Record (MBR). Once the fourth primary is created, windows creates an extended partition into which Logical Partitions can be created.

This was done so that more than 4 can be created on a disk however they would not be bootable (Cannot be OS partitions).

The question is really, what are you trying to achieve here? Is it that you want to move partitions to different drives? If so as compaqus said use any partitioning tool you trust (I use BootitNG as it is a bootable CD image which means you know the partition could not be accessed while you are cloning, moving, copying etc.)
If it stays primary partition DISK1 (reference previous post for my layout) would it work just the same as any logic partition. Is the only difference means that it can be booted to
I did have at one point with my dock drive that is Drive 2 an issue where it I think lost something due to power lost and I had to use a data recovery tool to gain everything back. That's why I want to play it safe. Sence there is no data on that drive I want to make sure i start off right
If you create one partition on hdd the second created is logical partition.
OK I understand that but this entire disk is Primary. Unlike the other 2t drive i have in the dock which its entire disk is Logic.

I should not have to create another partation on this disk for it to be logic just make the entire think primary or vise versa

Also is it better to have it be primary ? for removable purposes
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Can you take screen shot of Windows Disk Management and post it here?
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Just save your data, install aeseus (link in second post) and delete/create whatever you need.

As other people said it doesn't really matter if it is logical or primary but if you really want them like this, there you go.
Ok it sounds like from what I read primary is more visceral flexable is this right ?
There is no difference for you if the drive has primary or extended with logical drives inside partitioning scheme. Windows will handle all the things itself. But if this bothers you then copy all data from F: to that 2TB drive and then delete F: drive. After that delete Extended partition. Now you have free space.
Right click on free space and select Create Partition. Select type as Primary. Format it as NTFS. Assign F: drive. Now you can copy data back.
Also if you want to have that big drive primary then convert it using Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal
But actually I don't think you need to convert it. Only if you want to play a bit with the drive partitioning tools.
I hate to use this company

There in China or something and it fed up my server really bad once when I used one of there data recovery products
>>I hate to use this company<< =) You have rich experience I see
oh well... then something like UBCD if you don't hate that too :) Or, as above, the linux gparted.
Dam I am getting a lot of heat for that Comment..

I would prefer linux.

Master linux as the days pass
Parted Magic 4:
Based on Linux and completely opensource tool.
I like noxcho