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Citrix Xenapp 4 Network Drive issue

Have a strange issue occurring with our Citrix environment.  When a user launches an application a sysvol script executes that maps several drives for the user.  The script first deletes any instances of the drive letters and then remaps them.  We have 5 citrix servers in the farm.  Over the last few weeks each one of the servers has experienced the following issue.  

The Z: drive will fail to map, all other drives will map correctly.  A server reboot or making the user a domain admin will resolve the issue.  There are no conflicting physical drives on the host server.  Help is appreciated, this one has us stumped.
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Matt V
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Any event log errors when the drive fails to map?
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Nothing appears in the logs other than printer creation and logon events.  No errors or warnings related to the login or script.  As I mentioned the script actually executes and maps all drives except Z:.
Havfe to ask, did you check the logs on the server where the Z: drive resides?  Look in the security log in particular.
Nothing in the security log of the host server other than a logon event for the user.  Updating the issue though, it actually appears that the script isn't running at all now.  The other drives were remaining from a previous logon session.  If the user is made a domain admin the script will execute.
Double check the permissions on the script, make sure the user can read it.  They should be able to launch it with \\domain.local\netlogon\scriptname.cmd after they are logged in.
I just saw this last week where a server admin rebooted the DC and the problem went away.
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