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Set Alerts to Trigger E-Mails When Something is Delivered to a Public Folder

Is there a way in Exchange 2003 for me to setup triggers/alerts so that when a mail-enabled public folder receives a message/activity, it sends a notification or custom e-mail alert to users?

We have monthly (non-scheduled) e-mails that get delivered to a public folder (large in size). Users want to be alerted when they receive the message, but they do not want the message to be sent to them directly because the attachment is huge.
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Hi, RTM2007.

What sort of alert do you have in mind?  A pop-up dialog-box, an email telling them that there's a new item, or something else?
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No I would like it so that when an e-mail is sent to the mail-enabled Public Folder, a e-mail message is sent to a specified group of people (or a distro) maybe stating something really simple such as "New message in ____ Folder".
Then I you'll have to seek a third-party solution.  The link from cdolive that flaphead_com provided might work depending on what version of Exchange your organization is using.  Or you could go with a commercial product like this one:
You may actuallybe able to do this out of the box.

If you have a mail enabled publc folder you can set up delivery options for forward to an address.  You could make it a group, but then they would get the whole email.

The other option would be to use the folder assistant or moderation folder options.  Check out:
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With that wouldn't that just simply forward the message to the recipients I can choose from Exchange? That would defeat the purpose of what I'm trying to do.

I'd like just a notification sent or alert (the smaller the message size the better)
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