Can I modify the files/folders view in at explorer window?

Any time I open a Windows folder, there is a panel on the left with drop down menus "File and Folder Tasks", etc.

If I make the folder window small enough, that panel goes away. Is there a way to prevent that panel in a normal sized window?
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duffman76Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Click Tools
Click Folder Options
Choose Use Windows Classic Folders under tasks
Tweakxp might let you do this:
Go to the "Control Panel" (you might have to click "Switch to Classis View" on the left menu to switch from Category View) then open "Folder Options" . Under the "Task" option select "Use Windows classic folders" then click "OK"
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HilltownHealthCenterAuthor Commented:
So it cannot be done on a per window basis?
what OS do you have

in xp open explorer go to tools, folder options, under  tasks  select us windows classic folders click ok and exit

in windows 7 select organize at the top left hand corner select layout and remove the check mark from the navagation pane
duffman76Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is more of an all or nothing option.  You can have folders displayed a certain way individually like list, details, etc. but this is on of off.
This is a round around but you can click search or folders on the toolbar then slide it over to make it smaller.
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