OWA does not work in mixed Exchange environment

I have legacy Exchange 2003 server & a new Exchange 2007 that we are moving to. Both are in same domain. New Exchange 2007 is now handling all the "front end" duties for Exchange 2003. OWA is still being servered up by Exchange 2003 until we cutover to Exchange 2007 & start moving mailboxes.

Have 1 clustered Exchange 2007 mailbox server & 2 CAS servers.
When I move a user over from the Exchange 2003 backend server to the new Exchange mailbox server and attempt to log into OWA either internally or externally I get a "The page cannot be found" error. I can get to the logon page, but I get this error after submitting my credentials.

I notice in the address bar of this page it says: https://owa.mysite.com/owa/     

Shouldn't it say: https://owa.mysite.com/exchange/         

If I move the account back over to the Exchange 2003 backend server I can get to OWA just fine.

Any ideas?
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Lacretta IncorvaiaCommented:
Good Afternoon,
The address is correct - 2007 does not use "/exchange."  Instead it uses "/owa."  Question - is any user able to access OWA in Exchange '07?

someITGuyAuthor Commented:
Well my Exchange 2007 is using OWA2.mysite.com as the name until the cutover & I can access OWA2.mysite.com on Exchange 2007 without problem.

Currently my Exchange 2003 OWA does not use a reverse proxy, my new Exchange 2007 does use a reverse proxy.

When I try to access OWA.mysite.com I get the error if my mailbox resides on the Exchange 2007 mailbox server & it works fine if my mailbox is hosted on the Exchange 2003 backend server.

So the error occurs trying to access OWA 2003.

Hope this answers your question.
which server does owa.mysite.com point to, the 2003 or 2007 server
it should go to the 2007 server and use the /owa vdir
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get-owavirtualdirectory | get-owavirtualdirectory -Exchange2003URL:"https://owa.mysite.com/exchange"
you should update owa.mysite.com to point to hte 2007 server
it will redirect requests to the 2003 server for legacy mailboxes

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@sunnyc7 - you're thinking 2010
I am actually... GRRR.

someITGuyAuthor Commented:

Your "-Exchange2003URL" paraneter does not work but get-owavirtualdirectory by itself returns:

Name                                          Server                     OwaVersion
----                                              ------                     ----------
Exchange (Default Web S...       EXBE1                         Exchange2003or2000
Public (Default Web Site)            EXBE1                         Exchange2003or2000
Exadmin (Default Web Site)        EXBE1                         Exchange2003or2000
owa (Default Web Site)              EXCPAPV1                   Exchange2007
Exchange (Default Web S...       EXCPAPV1                   Exchange2003or2000
Public (Default Web Site)            EXCPAPV1                   Exchange2003or2000
Exchweb (Default Web Site)      EXCPAPV1                   Exchange2003or2000
owa (Default Web Site)              EXCPAPV2                   Exchange2007
Exchange (Default Web S...        EXCPAPV2                   Exchange2003or2000
Public (Default Web Site)             EXCPAPV2                   Exchange2003or2000
Exchweb (Default Web Site)       EXCPAPV2                   Exchange2003or2000
how many of them are CAS Servers - which one is legacy ?
Are they in a CAS array - EXCPAPV1 / EXCPAPV2 - and the legacy 2003 BE EXBE1 ?

someITGuyAuthor Commented:
I have 2 Exchange 2007 CAS servers, do not know which one is legacy. I do not think CAS arrays are available in EXCH 2007.

The EXBE1 is the cluster name for my Exchange 2007 mailbox servers. The get-owavirtualdirectory listing apparently does not list Exchange 2003 OWA info.....

you need to have your owa.mysite.com directed to the exchange 2007 cas server
the 2007 server will redirect the requests for 2003 mailboxes to a 2003 server
no additional configuration required
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