4 port vpn router suggestion to connect to a Juniper SA2500 via IPSEC


We have an SA2500 Juniper that we use to allow users to connect via SSL VPN.
We will have a few remote sites that we would like to connect to the Juniper SA2500 and have a small 4 port VPN router locally.

We would like to have a VOIP phone that will connect to our local network IPPBX.

Any suggestions of routers that work well with the Juniper SA2500?

Any other suggestions would be welcome also.

Kind regards,

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QlemoConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
To the best of my knowledge, SA devices only allow for a client access. That is a single device (Mobile, PDA, PC) can use a Web browser based SSL VPN to connect to resources at the office. There is no LAN-LAN coupling available, as you would require to connect branch offices.
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