Droid X & VPN PPTP

I am trying to access my VPN with my Droid X Android phone. Ive tried 3G Mobile Hotspot, Tethering, & an app called 5 VPN and none of these options will give me joy. My question is....Does anyone have this phone and was successful at connecting to a VPN using PPTP on Verizons Network?
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Red-LineNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi agengler11,

I have a Droid X and VPN all the time. Go to settings/Wireless & Network Setting/ VPN settings and a new VPN connection.

agengler11Author Commented:
I tried this and I get a connection error every time. When I connect to the same VPN from my iPad or PC or Laptop it connects fine. Do you think it could be Verizon blocking ports?
To see if it's a verizon issue, try it when connected over wifi.
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