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How to restore only calender and contacts in Exchange 2003?

I have a Exchange 2003 environment onder Windows server 2003. One of the mailboxes syncs with a Nokia phone using Mail for Exchange (activesync). Due to some changes in the Nokia profile after putting an certificate on the Exchange server for OWA SSL, for some reaseon, all calander items an contacts are doubled. The contacts are not a big problem, only a few hundred, this can be resolved by hand in Outlook.
The calander however now has over 4000 entries, mostly double, not all. This can't be resolved by hand in Outlook by deleting items manualy.

The doubles were first seen last monday. T have a full backup (NTBACKUP, no bricklevel) of sunday, so I restored that version of the mailbox , it;s in the Recovery Storage Group.
'My plan was to use ExMerge to put only the contacts and calender items in a PST. In the GUI I specify to ignore everything in the store, except CALENDER and CONTACTS. This gives me a PST of over 2 Gb (and I know  the PST has a 2 Gb limit). The PST can't be used in Outlook 2007 or 2010 (error in the file).
When I tell Exmerge to only put CALENDER and CONTACTS in the store, I get a 32kb file. Outlook can use it, but there is nothing in it. To make sure the restored mailbox is oke, I ran an offline defragmentation. Solved nothing.

Anybody an idea how to retreave only the contacts an calender items, without losing the mail which has come in since last sunday?

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You can try to attach the restored mailbox to a test user. Open the mailbox in outlook , export only the calendar and import it to the user that needs it.
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How do I do this, create a new user?
When I use "exchange tasts" - "recover mailbox data", I can only restore to the original mailbox?
You create a  new user in AD , without a mailbox account named : test or whatever you want,
Then you attach the mailbox from recovery mailbox to him.
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When I choose Exchange Tasks on a new user without a mailbox and select "Create Mailbox", I can select an existing mailbox, but the restored mailbox, which is in the Recovery Storage Group isn't shown.
I can't figure out how I can attach the restored mailbox to another user.
You create the user without mailbox.
Then you go to the recovery storage box where you restored the mailbox , right click on it and select reconnect.
Then select the newly created TEST user (the one that does not have a mailbox attached).
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This I what I tried to tell, when I go to the restored mailbox in the Recovery Storage Group  and rightclick on it, the contextmenu has only two options: "Exchange Tasks" and "Help". When I select Exchange Tasks, the wizard only has one option: "Recover Mailbox Data". There is no way to reconnect.
I assume this is because the mailbox is still in the revovery group and I first have to "recover" it before it can be used. But the recover option will write everything (not only calender and contacts) to the users normal mailbox.
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This is not possible. This was my original plan, but as I described in my original question, the PST is corrupt or conains nothing.
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I don't think the mailbox was corrupt. I restored again, same problem. I reaired, checked and defragged it, no effect
I decided to follow your suggestion, copied the whole actual mailbox to a PST and deleted the mailbox in Exchange afterwards. Then I tried a restore, but this was not possible, reason unknown.
So I removed the just deleted EDB and STM file and copied/renamed the recoverd database in it's place. This worked.
Mounted the PST in outlook and copied over the missing mails. Now the mailbox is fine again.

However, now I have a different problem. When I sync the Nokia phone using Mail for Exchange, I can sync everything, except the calendar. When I put the Calendar in the sync profile, the phone just says: System error. Try again later.
The logfile on the Nokia phones shows:

failed to create Calendar sync command (error=-1)
Mail For Exchange Error - 15000

Reinstalling the MfE software didn't help.
Activesync on the server isn't broken, because other phones (incluing Nokia) have no problem syncing.

So my question noy involves ActiveSync and Nokia mobile phone Mail for Exchange.
Anyone ideas?

Well , I had some problems before with Nokia phones and MailForExchange.

Try change the settings on nokia to NOT include the calendar.
Then let it sync a few times.
Go back in MailforExchange and add the calendar again with the option to wipe everything on the phone's calendar before sync.
This should work.

You could also try to remove the whole profile on the phone and create a new one.
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I did this.
Removed an installed MfE again. Removed and recreated profile. Excluded Calender and synced a lot of times over last two days. When I include Calendar (wipe phone), the same problem is back.

I found this discussion, but I won't see why a reset would solve the problem.
Is the MfE software this buggy?
How old is the MFE ?
On some phones it's really old and won't work until updated / wiped.
Have daily problems with Nokia and activesync :(
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I don't have the phone here now, can check later, but I installed MfE from OVI store, so I assume it's latest.

Strangest thing is MfE worked like a charm before. Problems started after I installed a SSL certificate on Exchange. But on other Nokia phones there is no problem, so I assume problem is only with this particular phone (N97). Like I told calendar and contacts were doubled on this one. This did not happen on other Nokia and Android phones.

I think the newly installed MfE is newer, because in the "old" version, only the emails in the inbox were synced. Now, with the "new" software, you can see all the subfolder of the inbox too, with a prefix "(X)" (don't know where that comes from). Very annoying.

Also, I don't think (as I read somewere) the problem has something to do with calender items still on the phone, because I deleted all calender items on the phone, it's completely empty.

The only think I can think about of is that there is still a (corrupt) configuration entry of MfE on the phone somewhere, which is "blocking" the sync. I can imagine a hard reset will clear this data (and an uninstall does not), but then it should also be possible to clean it in another way, so I don't have to reconfigure the phone from scratch.
Just configure the phone as t should be.
Let it sync for a few hours.
Try again , might work... had this type of error numerous times where without touching the phone , it started working after a few hours , even a day after.
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Ok,'I'll do so, will take one or two days ...

In the meanwhile, I found this attached troubleshootingguide on the net. It's rather old, but on page 26, it looks like Nokia itself is saying somtimes only a hard reset wil solve the problem.
I'll cnfigure the phone for calender sync and leave it for some time. If that doesnt work, I'll try the hard reset :(

I'll report back.
Think the issue it's sorted out , however RBraat never came back to say anything about it.
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As you told I left the phone a couple of days in a state with calender sync enabled, although I receive the error: "System error. Try again later." hoping it would solve itself as you suggested.
This didn't happen, the only thing what happened is that the battery is exhausted in a few hours, time after time, problably it's continuously connecting and trying.
This evening after work I'll do a hard reset. I'll be back with the result of that after the weekend.
K. May I suggest a software update on the phone also ? If you do a hard reset try to add also the latest software and the latest mail for exchange.
BEFORE setting up the new mail for exchange account add a memory card on the phone as some of the nokia phones will ask you where you want to store the mail data so you can store it on the card. This will prevent any "phone memory" full issues.
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What I did:
- First updated the firmware. Tried to sync but after the update the MfE profile didn't work. For some reason during the update the connection settins were gone. Something must have gone corrupt, becase it was not possible to add a new connection, so sync was out of the question.
- Did a hard reset, no problems there.
- Downloaded MfE from OVI and installed, no problems.
- Created a new MfE profile, and everythings works fine now, mail, contacts and calender are syncing.

So, problem solved. Thank you very much!