What is the significance of having "@SSL\DavWWWRoot\" in the filename paths of some files?
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chapmanjwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might try the Vista solution here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/841215

Another possibility is the solution posted on this forum (second post): http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/9042-network-location-hosted-sharepoint-webdav-issue.html
It is telling Windows to connect using the WebDAV protocol.  The @SSL tells the WebDAV protocol to use HTTPS (port 443 vs port 80 for non SSL traffic).
NDGISupportAuthor Commented:
Here is the issue explained by the user:

I have tons of spreadsheets on the portal that I use to analyze contract data.  I must frequently link data from sheet to sheet so that as I make changes in one sheet the changes feed into others.  In the last day or so, I’ve noticed a problem with the links.  When I link to another open spreadsheet, the link looks fine and works fine (updates when changes are made in the other sheet).  But as soon as I close one or the other of the spreadsheets, the link is replaced with one that contains the @SSL and DavWWWRoot.  Apparently this causes the link to go dead because it no longer updates from the linked spreadsheet, even if I open them both back up.  
NDGISupportAuthor Commented:
It is a Windows 7 machine. He created shortcuts to files on the SharPoint Portal. The files are ok when he opens them from the portal. But when opens them from the shortcuts it shows the @SSL\DavWWWRoot in the filename and is unable to link to other spreadsheets. Is this a Windows 7 issue? Ideas?
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