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internet address

we had a guy look at our slow network and show us the ip addresses and who was using the most bandwidth.  It also showed internet addresses.  One of them was right at the top of the list.  Using the most bandwidth (I think)  How would I find out what site this is?  I tried to type in the number but nothing happened.  
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Here is what they sent me:

Current Interval Top Talkers:
2:45 PM to 2:50 PM
Top Traffic Sources:              Top Traffic Destinations:
IP Address         Bytes          IP Address         Bytes        20M         28M      1.9M          1.8M        1.4M           1.3M           1.5M           964K         965K          612K        692K          578K          579K           394K       479K         343K       464K          313K       384K         225K        343K         113K        338K            51K          293K           46K       269K          33K       256K            32K        248K            29K      212K            27K        194K           14K        187K         9.4K      181K           7.4K
Is this limited to web traffic?

Also, the text doesn't mean that the top two are necessarily the ones that are talking.'s traffic could very well be small connections to several sources.

If you really want to find out, ask them to run the trace for that specific pc, and with port numbers.
is there any free software that I could use to trace this?
also there is a whois link you can click to check whom the IP belongs to

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Standard software for packet tracing would be one of these:

WireShark (formerly ethereal) -
Microsoft network monitor -

Setting them up if you're not familiar with the network can be tricky though.  Essentially you need to run this on a computer that's between the offender and the internet connection.  Typically this is done via a port map on your firewall/switch.

Still though, probably the easiest way to find out is to log into the machine and look.
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