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Cisco SNMP

I have Cisco 2811/1841 Routers and Cisco 2906 switches (24/48port). I am looking to enable SNMP on them. Either SNMPv2 or SNMPv3. I need to find documentation on this and any step by step advice would be a real help.
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The article contains good samples and takes care of security too.

If you need to avoid any access-list/security issue just remove the access-list number on the end of snmp commands.
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2. if you want to have RW access, the above applies, but it is highly recommended that you use another community name other than public (long and random is good)
ip access-list 1 permit ip host !  ip of server running mrtg
snmp-server community somethingrandom RW 1

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OK "ludo friend",

I am interested in setting up v2c for now and I will work on v3 later.

So on every switch and router I want to monitor are these the commands I need to enter in privledged mode?

snmp-server community somethingrandom1 RO 1
snmp-server community somethingrandom2 RW 1
snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server host "ip of NMS server"
if you're just monitoring... use the below - the rest are for traps or snmp write access

access-list 1 permit host
snmp-server community somethingrandom1 RO 1