teaming NIC's throughput

is there any throughput advantage when it comes two a file server with 2 NIC's. Is there a throughput advantage in teaming the NIC's vs. non teaming the NIC's?

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thakurdineshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes there is always advantage with NIC teaming, but it depends on how the NICs are configured.
You can get the detailed on NIC teaming at this link
spazztik69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is definitely advantages to teaming your NICs but there are design considerations to take into mind as well. For instance if both NICs connect to different switches active/active balancing between the two probably isn't a good idea unless you know the rest of the environment is proper. In addition to the link above, you should look into a vendor provided drive/option as those tend to work better. For instance HP and Dell both have 'teaming' software for their nics which makes them present to the system as 1 active interface with the aggregate bandwidth of the whole, and/or allowing active/passive failover, etc
dirkdigsAuthor Commented:
@thakurdinesh: ya i already read that thanks.
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dirkdigsAuthor Commented:

not really sure what you mean.. i am using the hp teaming software. my question was should i see a performance gain by doing this or is it simply for fault tolerance....
If you will configur as load balance, you will definetly see th gain in performance. But if for fault tolerance, then you won't see any performance gain.
with the hp teaming software, you can generally leave it to 'automatic' and it'll decide which policy works best. it's a good thing regardless of performance to have multiple links in case somebody unplugs one accidentally. the only reason not to team them would be if you didn't have the switch ports available. at least that's my 2-cents
dirkdigsAuthor Commented:
thanks !
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