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Posted on 2010-09-09
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Last Modified: 2012-05-10
Hi guys
This could be a little nieve but there is a slight possibility that a switch on our network is faulty. Here are the event logs below
1 10-Sep-2010 08:54:57  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:19: STP status Forwarding  Warning
2 10-Sep-2010 08:54:27  %LINK-I-Up: 1:19  Info
3 10-Sep-2010 08:54:25  %LINK-W-Down: 1:19  Warning
4 10-Sep-2010 08:54:23  %LINK-I-Up: 1:19  Info
5 10-Sep-2010 08:54:21  %LINK-W-Down: 1:19  Warning
6 10-Sep-2010 08:40:38  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:27: STP status Forwarding  Warning
7 10-Sep-2010 08:40:31  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:33: STP status Forwarding  Warning
8 10-Sep-2010 08:40:08  %LINK-I-Up: 1:27  Info
9 10-Sep-2010 08:40:05  %LINK-W-Down: 1:27  Warning
10 10-Sep-2010 08:40:01  %LINK-I-Up: 1:33  Info
11 10-Sep-2010 08:39:59  %LINK-W-Down: 1:33  Warning
12 10-Sep-2010 08:39:52  %LINK-I-Up: 1:27  Info
13 10-Sep-2010 08:39:34  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:33: STP status Forwarding  Warning
14 10-Sep-2010 08:39:29  %LINK-W-Down: 1:27  Warning
15 10-Sep-2010 08:39:04  %LINK-I-Up: 1:33  Info
16 10-Sep-2010 08:38:51  %LINK-W-Down: 1:33  Warning
17 10-Sep-2010 08:37:46  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:27: STP status Forwarding  Warning
18 10-Sep-2010 08:37:41  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:33: STP status Forwarding  Warning
19 10-Sep-2010 08:37:16  %LINK-I-Up: 1:27  Info
20 10-Sep-2010 08:37:11  %LINK-I-Up: 1:33  Info
21 10-Sep-2010 08:37:09  %LINK-W-Down: 1:33  Warning
22 10-Sep-2010 08:30:24  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:33: STP status Forwarding  Warning
23 10-Sep-2010 08:29:54  %LINK-I-Up: 1:33  Info
24 10-Sep-2010 08:26:42  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:28: STP status Forwarding  Warning
25 10-Sep-2010 08:26:12  %LINK-I-Up: 2:28  Info
26 10-Sep-2010 08:26:09  %LINK-W-Down: 2:28  Warning
27 10-Sep-2010 08:25:50  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:28: STP status Forwarding  Warning
28 10-Sep-2010 08:25:34  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:27: STP status Forwarding  Warning
29 10-Sep-2010 08:25:20  %LINK-I-Up: 2:28  Info
30 10-Sep-2010 08:25:17  %LINK-W-Down: 2:28  Warning
31 10-Sep-2010 08:25:16  %LINK-I-Up: 2:28  Info
32 10-Sep-2010 08:25:14  %LINK-W-Down: 2:28  Warning
33 10-Sep-2010 08:25:13  %LINK-I-Up: 2:28  Info
34 10-Sep-2010 08:25:04  %LINK-I-Up: 2:27  Info
35 10-Sep-2010 08:25:01  %LINK-W-Down: 2:27  Warning
36 10-Sep-2010 08:24:27  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:27: STP status Forwarding  Warning
37 10-Sep-2010 08:23:57  %LINK-I-Up: 2:27  Info
38 10-Sep-2010 08:23:54  %LINK-W-Down: 2:27  Warning
39 10-Sep-2010 08:14:39  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:23: STP status Forwarding  Warning
40 10-Sep-2010 08:14:09  %LINK-I-Up: 1:23  Info
41 10-Sep-2010 08:14:07  %LINK-W-Down: 1:23  Warning
42 10-Sep-2010 08:14:07  %LINK-I-Up: 1:23  Info
43 10-Sep-2010 08:09:39  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:1: STP status Forwarding  Warning
44 10-Sep-2010 08:09:09  %LINK-I-Up: 2:1  Info
45 10-Sep-2010 08:09:07  %LINK-W-Down: 2:1  Warning
46 10-Sep-2010 08:08:56  %LINK-I-Up: 2:1  Info
47 10-Sep-2010 08:08:53  %LINK-W-Down: 2:1  Warning
48 10-Sep-2010 08:08:53  %LINK-I-Up: 2:1  Info
49 10-Sep-2010 08:05:43  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:10: STP status Forwarding  Warning
50 10-Sep-2010 08:05:13  %LINK-I-Up: 1:10  Info
51 10-Sep-2010 08:05:11  %LINK-W-Down: 1:10  Warning
52 10-Sep-2010 07:54:43  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:43: STP status Forwarding  Warning
53 10-Sep-2010 07:54:13  %LINK-I-Up: 1:43  Info
54 10-Sep-2010 07:54:10  %LINK-W-Down: 1:43  Warning
55 10-Sep-2010 07:51:24  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 1:43: STP status Forwarding  Warning
56 10-Sep-2010 07:50:54  %LINK-I-Up: 1:43  Info
57 10-Sep-2010 07:50:52  %LINK-W-Down: 1:43  Warning
58 10-Sep-2010 07:50:51  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:10: STP status Forwarding  Warning
59 10-Sep-2010 07:50:21  %LINK-I-Up: 2:10  Info
60 10-Sep-2010 07:50:14  %LINK-W-Down: 2:10  Warning
61 10-Sep-2010 07:49:29  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:10: STP status Forwarding  Warning
62 10-Sep-2010 07:48:59  %LINK-I-Up: 2:10  Info
63 10-Sep-2010 07:48:56  %LINK-W-Down: 2:10  Warning
64 10-Sep-2010 07:45:08  %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: 2:45: STP status Forwarding  Warning
65 10-Sep-2010 07:44:38  %LINK-I-Up: 2:45  Info
Is this normal?
Question by:P3admin
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Expert Comment

ID: 33645985
It looks like it is just notifications of various ports going up or down and the subsequent Spanning Tree  changes as that happens.
It is most likely not an issue but if it was happening constanly/frequently on the same port or something like that it could be point to something to investigate further. In this case it is happening over about an hour's time and on a couple of ports.
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Expert Comment

ID: 33646209
I agree with Rick_O_Shay.

They all appear to be in the morning.  Maybe about the time I would assume people are coming in and possibly booting their PC's up.
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Expert Comment

ID: 33647034
You might be able to disable spanning tree (set port in portfast or something like that) if only a single system is connected to a port.
(Not if there is a HUB/Switch connected to a port).
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Expert Comment

ID: 33651126
What kind of switch? Be specific with make/model number..
Are you experiencing issues that you are trying to troubleshoot? If yes, what issues are you seeing?
Otherwise, generically speaking, these look like benign link up/down messages that we see all day long when users power off/up PC's.  
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Accepted Solution

Aaron Street earned 2000 total points
ID: 33661466
mutiply link up-downs on a singel interface can be a sign of the PC changing the speed of its NIC.

Moden PC's when reciving will set theNIC to 10mbs, so wake on lan packets can be recived but as a way of power saving. Then once the PC actuly boots it switchs to 100mbs. this can show up on switchs as a port updown warning.

I knwo on cisco switchs you can disable this so you dont get these reports. (under the interface you can do a "#no link-state notification" i think it the command. The alternitive way is to incress the time out for detecting a port down. however as these are clinet ports you are expecting them to go down at the end of the day so it is safe to disable these warnings.

Port updown warning are usefull for servers, where you can set up an syslog alert.

The STP forwarding is jsut showing that the interface has gone through STP and has become a forwarding port. As other have said you really want to enable port-fast on these ports. this will prevent the 30+second delay before data starts to flow.

No problems here jsut standard messages. you can safely ignore them or make a few config tweaks to prevent them showing.

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