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Traditional Proxy service wanted

I need an old fashion PROXY service, and im willing to pay for it. I dont want WEB-proxy or vpn, but thats all i can find after spending some 10 hours on Google. That and links to link to links. I did fond one, but that one was limited to 15 gb per moth. Not good enough
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Could you give more details about what you are going to do?

What protocols do you want proxies other than http/https?
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Only http is needed
Im programming with Indy, and idhttp can handle Proxy (but not vpn).
Well a web proxy is an http proxy.  So what is the problem?
Here is a free windows proxy server. I think this is what you are looking for.

Good luck,
Ken, i dont want to set up my own server - i want to use a service.
I cant use a web proxy. I need a normal proxy.
Giltrj, looks like some in the list works, but i would prefer a paid service so i know its a stable solution. Tor is out of the question.
I guess the correct term is a "dedicated anonymous proxy server".
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I was to fast, this wont do. nntime have a limit of 7.5 gb and privacywiew is not a "normal" proxy, it requires its own software.