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Fortigate 50B Remote Client VPN Setup

I am trying to setup a remote user VPN, and no matter what i do, the clients can connect but they cannot the internal network when doing so. I created phase1/phase 2, and assigned a DHCP of 192.168.4.x to remote users, and my internal lan subnet is 192.168.5.x. They are authenticated but cannot reach anything in the 5.x subnet. I created a firewall policy to allow traffic from the WAN to the Internal LAN, and also from 192.168.4.x to 192.168.5.x, not sure what else to do at this point
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No familiar with Fortigate but you need a network translation rule to say that are on the same network as

What rule have you created? What ports, protocols, etc. does it allow?

*network address translation (NAT)
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Are you trying to complete a site-to-site VPN? Or a user dial-up VPN?
Can you post a screen shot of your policy setup?
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Its a user dial up VPN.

I got it working, by turning off the IP-Sec VPN.
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Sounds about right