Looking for developer shipping label printing for php

I know USPS and stamps.com provide this service already for developers but in contacting these companies I have come across some issues.

USPS has a huge monthly fee of about 3k, am I missing something or is this what it costs

Stamps.com does not provide support for php, or at least examples.

I know stamps.com uses SOAP, is there some code out there for php to integrate with stamps.com?

Are there other solutions out there? Please let me know
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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
What about : http://www.stamps.com/download/

You may import your orders/datas via ODBC or CSV file (as you know you can easily create a CSV file with PHP)
cbielichAuthor Commented:
Oh wow let me check that out, seems like it might be what I need.
cbielichAuthor Commented:
Yeah this was perfect, with the ODBC I can do exactly what i want
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