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How do disable print screen in a web page

Hi all,
In my case, I would like to make the print screen disabled when an image popout in my web page.I am using the following javascript to clean the clipboard interval 250ms to achieve my goal.
But the problem is that the user need to set the IE security of the clipboard enabled.I want to disable the print screen and the user not need set anything.Any other good idea about this case?
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No, it is not possible. Even if it was possible with JavaScript, the user could simply disable JavaScript to bypass it.
Considering that the user already has your image (temp internet files) when they view it, nothing you can do can stop them from having it.
You could put a transparent div over the image which would stop right click save as or you could put a water mark over your images but either way it is on their hard drive if they know where to look
not possible as there are good reasons to not allow the browser to modify the clipboard per default.
There are also a lot of other tools which can make screenshots without using the clipboard.
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The user clicks a button and popout a special image in a div that can not be saved right click, and the image is generated from a servlet that there is not temp internet file.
I just want to disable the print screen simply, not need to consider the other screenshot tools, not need to consider the user is an advanced PC user.
I don't want  the special image easy cutted just click the print screen button.
No can do. Sorry
Good job too! Who wants web pages that are able to change my settings?
Simpler... if you need to protect your image you could use your water mark and render the image.
this was mentioned quite a few posts ago kadaba :)
Oh man, I dint observe that, thanks for pointing that out :)
Then that should go as accepted ;)
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Any other solutions?Except javascript, how about using a applet in a web page?(Users have installed jre)
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Much better giving them a poorer resolution with a watermark.
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The answer was not solution, but useful.