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Error installing E2k7 SP3 on SBS 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to install SP3 for Exchange 2007 on an SBS 2008 SP2 server.

I have read: which doesn't give much clue ...

I don't have Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server installed.

I get this error ;-)

 User generated image
The log says:

[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] **********************************************
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Starting Microsoft Exchange 2007 Setup
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] **********************************************
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Operating System version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2.
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Setup version:
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Logged on user: [DOMAIN]\{user}.
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Command Line Parameter Name='mode', Value='Upgrade'.
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Command Line Parameter Name='sourcedir', Value='F:\{folder}\downloads\microsoft\exchange\SP3'.
[10.09.2010 12:10:27] [0] Command Line Parameter Name='fromsetup', Value=''.
[10.09.2010 12:10:28] [0] ExSetupUI was started with the following command: '-mode:upgrade -sourcedir:F:\ {folder}\downloads\microsoft\exchange\SP3 /FromSetup'.

Any hints would be much appreciated !!

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Hi Des,

You are not alone..
Here is a solution

Hope this helps..
It may also be worth checking this article, although for Exchange SP2, it stil may apply to SP3
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Thanks for the input, however, MS says in

Note Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2008, you first had to install an installation tool. For more information about the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP 2 Installation Tool for Windows SBS 2008, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft KNowledge Base:974271  ( ) Description of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 Installation Tool for Windows Small Business Server 2008This tool is not required to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3 on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2008.


Which I'm taking to mean I "shouldn't" need the tool ...



I have removed the Indexing Service and I still get exactly the same error and log entry ...

It is worth noting that I didn't get the same error as the user that this solution worked for.

Next steps?


a) you have to install the tool.
b) make the registry changes as described here

I have checked this with microsoft PSS

Can you give full access permission to administrator on the drive where SP3 is downloaded and then try to install.

Forgive me if I misunderstand but that article is entitled, "You cannot install Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 on a Windows Small Business Server 2008-based computer"

I am trying to install SP3 on and SP1 machine ... Do you still think your advice applies? Or should I be installing SP2 BEFORE SP3??


Ms PSS says the article still applies
a) you need to make those registry changes before installing SP3 (as well as SP2)
Can you navigate to that tree and see if the key is there ?


I went to the registry and the key wasn't there so I created it and retried the install and the fault(s) were exactly the same as before ...

BTW, I haven't cycled any Services and haven't rebooted at any stage. Is this correct?

If a reboot is suggested I won't be able to do that during Std Bus. Hrs ...


registry changes require reboot.

check if by restarting exchange services you can get the SP3 install to go through ?

also get me the log from here


All Exchange Services restarted and the error is exactly as my 1st post, Logfile exactly the same too ..

Can you check if these services are started and set to automatic
World Wide Web Publishing Service
IIS Admin Service
HTTP SSL service

Copy file ExchHelp.chm from \setup\serverroles\common of the setup media into
c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin directory
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Cliff Galiher
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PS: Was your windows installer service running in safe mode when you got access denied error 5 ?

please try installing in normal mode using cliff's suggestions above.

Sorry for the split Cliff bur sunnyc7 tried hard and didn't give up !
Once I ran as Admin it work perfectly and everyone is happy ;-) Thanks everyone!!