Syslog Server

We are currently using Splunk and it's pretty amazing software however, is there any free alternatives out there that I can utilize.

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Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have had good luck with the free Kiwi syslog server.
jeremycrussellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as running a centralized syslog collector, there are many alternatives, syslog-ng being one of the most popular.  However, splunk provides the additional indexing and correlation capabilities that set it apart.  For this, you could look into using something like syslog-ng and putting logs into a MySQL DB and using one of the few web based UIs, such as php-syslog-ng to use as a search tool.  Splunk defnitely has the upper hand in how it indexes and its UI, however, the options mentioned do  make for a really decent fully open source alternative.
fluk3dAuthor Commented:
I was looking at syslog-ng do you have any  technical articles on setting it up either on a debian/fedora/ubuntu system?
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jeremycrussellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And this.. more specifically
Kamran ArshadConnect With a Mentor IT AssociateCommented:

There are many Syslog available. Syslog-ng as mentioned above is good option. Below is the extended list;

Lire      Open-Source
Epylog Log Analyzer      Open-Source
SLAPS-2      Open-Source
Sisyphus      Open-Source
LogHound      Open-Source
syslog-ng      Open-Source
rsyslog      Open-Source
metalog      Open-Source
sysklogd      Open-Source
RSA enVision      Propriety
TriGEO      Propriety
SNARE Backlog      Propriety
Loglogic      Propriety
EventTracker PULSE      Propriety
SysLog Manager      Propriety
WinSyslog      Propriety
syslog_manager      Propriety
logserver      Propriety
Syslog Watcher      Propriety
tftpd3d      Propriety
Syslog Collector      Propriety
NetDecision LogVision      Propriety
KiwiSysLog      Propriety
SolarWinds      Propriety
fluk3dAuthor Commented:
thank you.
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