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Msflxgrd.ocx + Access 2003

We have an Access 2003 database which uses a number of different ActiveX controls including msflxgrd.ocx. When trying to access the form with the flex grid control we get the following message:
“The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object doesn’t support this property or method.”
I have unregistered and registered the control successfully several times. I have also unreferenced and referenced the control in Access 2003 several times. I can perform these actions with no problem and the ActiveX control shows up in the ‘References’ section of Access.  We have tried both versions of msflxgrd.ocx , version and version
The system in which we are developing the application on has no problems with the flex grid but when the application gets put on other systems it does not work. By put on other systems I mean an .mde is created on the developers system and then copied to other systems. We have two other systems out of about 50 that the flex grid works on and we are not sure why.
I know that mslfxgrd.ocx is not supported in Access 2003 and that’s not the answer I am looking for here. There’s no way that people are just no longer using msflexgrd.ocx with Access 2003, there has to be a work around. I am also aware that Microsoft Update KB960715 blocks the flex grid. This update is not installed on any of our systems.  Any suggestions you have with help, we need this to work.
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< By put on other systems I mean an .mde is created on the developers system and then copied to other systems.>

have you tried using a .mdb version on the machines that are raising the error?

with a .mdb, you can open the VBA window and inspect the References to find out if the reference is not MISSING.

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Registering and referencing the ActiveX control in the same folder as the database worked! Nice job JDettman.
Good answer.