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Creating a Ghost Boot CD using Ghost Version14

We are having difficulties creating a ghost boot disc for our Latitude E4310 laptops.

We have Ghost 14 and must be missing a step when creating the boot CD.

Please advise.
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Will Szymkowski
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Take a look at this link as it provides the appropriate steps to accomplish this...

Hope this helps~!
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Are you trying to create a ghost boot disc or a bootable restore image using ghost?
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Trying to create a ghost boot disc to take an image of one latitude E4310 and place the image on another latitude E4310.
When you install Ghost on a machine, you are given several options. One option is to create a bootable disk (floppy). A different option is to create an ISO image of a bootable Ghost disk. This will create a bootable CD.
I think that what you are looking to do is to create an imge of the first laptop somewhere that you can load onto a second laptop. If this is correct, I think that you will require an external drive to store the image of the first laptop on and then use the boot CD to estore that image onto the second laptop.
Please advise.
Correct we have the external in place.  However when using our existin Ghost boot disc the screen freezes on "Starting PC Dos"  When using our boot floppy's the image restore completes but the newly imaged laptop will not boot up.  So we are trying to create a new Ghost boot disc with the latest version.  Not having any luck with the creation process.  
So what you need is a self extracting recovery disc. is that correct?
We have never referred to it as that but that may be it?
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Partially correct, not exactly what we were looking for.