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Calculate age on JSP page

I am trying to change the patient age on a page to show up relative to the collection date (instead of the current date).  I have available

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This is how the age is currently rendered:
<li class="report-age h5 bold">${patientDemographics.patient.age} <c:if test="${patientDemographics.patient.age != 'n/a'}" >yrs</c:if></li>

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I see the collection date being rendered this way:
<fmt:formatDate value="${encounter.collectionDetails.collectionDate}"  pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"/>

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My question:  how do I use JSTL or something else to do this in a "clean" way on this JSP page?  (The POJOs related to this make it not so simple to try to do in, e.g., the Patient class)

I.e. the goal is to show the age as an integer based on:
collection date - date of birth
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Have you had a look at this link?

Sems it deals with exactly your problem.
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Yeah, I had looked at that, but they are relying on code in the Patient class - in my system, patient doesn't have the other date for the calculation.  I'm trying to stay local to the JSP...
I would strongly disencourage you to actually perform the calculation in the JSP itself. Have a look at this link:

Here they describe how you can register an EL Function. EL functions allow you to call a public static method in a public class.
This way you could do the calculation in a separate class and use the result in your JSP.
Yeah I had seen that reallly nice post on stack overflow.  Again, the only issue is that I don't have the information available.  I am trying to avoid changes to my POJOs.  I see multiple ways if I do that work.  This would be the most straightforward, possibly this?

<fmt:formatNumber type="number" maxIntegerDigits="3" 
 value="${encounter.collectionDetails.collectionDate  - patientDemographics.patient.dob” />

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Well you wouldn't have changed a single class. You would have added one to your project without changing anything else.

If you want, you could to this:
(encounter.collectionDetails.collectionDate.getTime() - patientDemographics.patient.dob.getTime())/(1000*60*60*24*365)
This converts every date to its millisecs, calculates the difference and then calculates the number of years ... but this is a really rough calculation ... I would certainly recommend to use Javas Calendar class, as this does really good date calculations.
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Why exactly are you setting the birthDate in line 5 and are then re-setting it in line 9? But otherwise it looks pretty much like correct and should do for your task.
5 gets me a calendar, 9 sets date/time as i want
Guess a different constructor could have done that...
If your problem is solved, it would be great if you would close this question, as the thread has gone to my "second tab" and I won't directly see any changes anymore. If you still have problems I'll do my best to assist you.