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Since a long time now, I'm trying to open a port on my router/firewall Asus WL530g.

I want to open any port number (for bittorrent for instance).

The only option I have is "trigerring port", but I don't understand well how it works, with incoming & trigger port.

Could you help please. Thanks a lot

Have a good day

PS: I have attached a screenshot of the router's triggering page.
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Follow this to forward port.

Trigger port is different.  Trigger port will see a port going out and it will then allow that port to connect in.  This will not work that well with what you need.
You can follow the link provided above to forward the port or you can put your Machine's IP address in DMZ zone of Router. that will allow all the ports to be forwarded to that IP.
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Do not put your computer in the DMZ.  This will allow your device to get hacked easier.  Might be easier putting your device on the DMZ but it is not smart.  One of the benifits to a router is the firewall and you would lose this if you added to the DMZ.
adam1hAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help


I have checked all links, and find this :

I have set my application to listen port 6881;
I have had my static ip ( and port 6881 (both tcp & udp) on the virtual server page,
but the app say me that the port is closed !

Any idea ? Thanks
adam1hAuthor Commented:
Well, thanks al lot for your help.

Finally, I say nothing : it needs time but now it runs, youhou.

Have a good day
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