Is XenApp Fundamentals compatible with Citrix receiver app for iPhone

Anyone know how to configure Xenapp fundamentals to be used with an iPhone? Would Xenapp platinum edition been a better choice?

I've read a few support articles that Fundamentals should work but am having trouble setting up a services site to allow the receiver app to connect. Can someone help with configuring this services site?

Thank you.
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TreyBcoolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to your web interface server (maybe its the fundamental server) Open the web interface management console. You should see your current WI site there. Depending on how old your enviornment is, you may just need to create a new site and then chose a program neighborhood agent or xenapp services site. Or you may see right below you WI site the xenapp services site area. Create a new site, when it asks for your server put in your fundamental server ip address or name. If you stayed with defaults your xml port will be 80. After the site is created, you can go look at your wi site and make sure your xml port is 80. However, since you arent doing it external, just creating the site I described should be enough. Now from your devices when you hit the wi server, they will go to this site automatically. So from an ipad you just need to go to the citrix reciever, put in http://yourservername and then username, pw, domain and you should be good. If it doesnt connect, try using the ip address and then try removing http if its still not connecting. Your device though needs to be connected on your network, you cant do it through a guest network or external unless you set up secure gateway or access gateway.
Enjoy! It works great, but they are coming out with a newer ipad client very soon!
Fundamentals should work the same. Are you using Access Gateway or Secure Gateway? Is your fundamentals available externally?
 If so, just mirror your web interface site settings for the xenapp services site.
lasernsiAuthor Commented:
At the moment it's not available externally. Can you explain how to mirror the web interface site settings? Sorry for the delay, I've been on vacation.
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