2010 losing sent emails

I am using the latest Hotmail connector and since adding a second hotmail account ,the OL2K10 is crashing again and now I discover a bunch of my sent emails are missing.
Anybody else seeing or have this problem?

XP pro SP3 Office 2007 w OL2K10 using POP and M$ connector for email.
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
They are gone and where they went is anybodies guess.

I love M$ products!
pgm554Author Commented:
The missing emails are not from the Hotmail account.
Do they show as sent in the web version of hotmail ?

I've seen this a couple time but they always show as sent from the hotmail web site. It's almost like it can not manage the 2 accounts at 1 time.
pgm554Author Commented:
No good answer ,please close
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