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Upload File and Insert Record into Database - 2 Actions with 1 Button

I've seen similiar questions throughout the web but I'm still struggling with this one.

I have a form where a user supplies information and then can brows to for a file to upload if needed.

I'm using CS4 and ASP with access db (users choice).  I have successfully created the form which stores the path/filename in a text field in the database on the insert record server behavior.  However, i have not been successful at uploading the file to the server first.  I would like the user to only have to browse for the file once and have the submit button upload the file and insert the record if possible.

I have read and tried using Free ASP Upload.  I can get the upload to work fine.  But the upload and insert record are not working togther.  

Can someone help me get these two actions done with one Submit Button please?
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