cost and procedure of Citrix Server

Scenario: Windows 2003 SBS, second File Server on windows 2003.

We need to have Mac users and other pc users gain access to our small business server remotely.
Main usage is access to file server via mapped drives, word, excel, outlook.  
I'm thinking if we setup a citrix server, this may be possible.  A couple of questions:
1. How much is a ball park cost of this?
2. Can I install Citrix (as a server) on one of the existing File servers? or does the citrix install require a clean OS?
3. what components will I need?   Users gaining access to this would be around 10.
4. Can I use the existing File server running windows 2003 to add the Terminal Server service and have users log into that and access their session---
Thanks in advance for your feedback
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PlugThatInWhereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix is an additional Per User cost on top of Terminal Server Access licenses.  TS user is about $80 per (minimum of 5).  Citrix is about $250-$450 per user (lower one will fit you).

You are better off to install onto a new server.  Mind you that Citrix may be overkill.  Are your Mac users on the network or Internet?  I think you said Remote as in Internet.

With SBS you have the framework to host a web page that your users can access from the Internet that will allow them to connect to PCs in your office (and maybe a Terminal Server, Citrix not needed).  There is a Terminal Server Client for Mac OS, so this is why I think Citrix is Overkill.  (Citrix is Terminal Server pumped up on Steroids).

Even if you do only Terminal Server, and not add Citrix, this is not a simple endevor (like a file server).  While you can just Whip One Out quickly, it won't last long (get slower, problems will come and eventual crash) if it is not done well.

To answer your question: Go with just Terminal Server, forget Citrix unless you have $6-10 K to spend on licenses and consultant to install.  You will need a new server, it is bad Ju-Ju to install onto a file server (security issues will be had, but possible, do at your own risk, if TS goes down so does your files) and SBS as a TS is even worse (larger security issues and crash issues).

BTW I have been doing Citrix for 10 years (back when it was Metaframe XP) and TS for 8 (since Windows 2000)
seven45Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip David.  I agree with going the Terminal Server route as its much cheaper and citrix is over kill for what they currently need.

My intentions are to install vmware on the file server, then create a virtual OS for windows 2003 that will hold the terminal server role.  This way it won't interfere with the existing FileServer.  

And I assume the SBS webpage that is currently accessible will see the  Terminal server and allow access to the terminal profile for each user through existing webpage.

I am not positive about SBS showing the TS.  I think the SharePoint site that drive the user interface queries AD for a list of Computers and TS wiould be considered a Server.  It might, after you join the TS to the doamin you will find out.  If not then google the issue and you might find it, I am sure you are not the first to do this.

BTW, when you config the TS server choose the User mode of licensing, not Device.  User mode is not tracked hard in 2003, while Device is.  In 2008 they fixed the hole in User licensing.  You can install the TS License server service on the SBS server.  You will have a 120 days grace period to purchase the TS User CALs.  This way you can get it working and the bugs out before you spend that cash.
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Don't use vmware server. I would instead reccommend you install a ESXi, and Citrix Xen Desktop.  You get upto 10 free licenses. All you then need are your Windows client licenses.

TS licenses are the biggest part of your budget. I just finished a Citrix integration and the TS licenses was over 20k for 200 named users. The Citirx CALs were less than 5k as it was a concurrent license for uptoo 30 users.

Either case, TS or Citrix is not a fast implementation there is a lot of planning involved.  
nappy_dConnect With a Mentor There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Oh yeah! What you are maybe thinking about is Remote Web Workplace, which is A feature of Win2k8 or TSWeb which is W2k3(both for sbs also). In either case neither is supported with the Mac OS.

To the point of user or machine CALs keep in mind that if you choose to use per user, you need to buy as many licenses as you have users. Even if only 10 users of 50 will ever use your TS environment.
seven45Author Commented:
I got the answer I needed as far as Citrix is concerned, and got the additional tip about Web Workplace not working with MAC.  Still trying to find an alternative.
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