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cannot add a 2008 R2 as a DC on my domain

cannot add a 2008 R2 as a DC on my domain I have 2 DC's 1 is a 2k3 R2 standard sp2 x32 and a 2k8 standard (non R2) x64 sp2, I'm trying to add a 2k8 R2 as a DC but after addind the ADDS role DCpromo error reads to run adprep/forestprep. I ran adprep fine on both the 2k2 and the 2k8 non R2, but the 2k8R2 fails because the server is not a domain controller, but I cant make it a DC because DCpromo is waiting for adprep/forestprep  
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Did you run:
ADPREP /forestprep
ADPREP /domainprep
adprep /rodcprep
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I ran ADPREP /forestprep
You need to runn all of the above not just forestprep
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Domain admins may not have the needed permissions - think delegation...
See this for details:
I'm not so sure about  the "all the above" as an answer especially the "adprep /rodcprep" since i'm not setting up a Read Only DC and "ADPREP /domainprep" has to be run after ADPREP /forestprep has been run.  

Even if you are not setting up RDOC, you need to run it, and yes, the order in which I gave them is the order in which you run them:
ADPREP /forestprep
ADPREP /domainprep
ADPREP /rodcprep
Not sure if the above comments take into account OS type (32 or 64 Bit).....

You should only have to run ADPREP /forest once on a forest.  Not for each domain in the forest.
Just run it on the Root domain once, and the forest is done.  ( IF YOU ONLY HAVE 32 BIT os dcs use adprep32)

adprep /domainprep needs to run on each domain.  you can run the 32 bit version if you do not have A 64 BIT os dc.  The adprep or adprep32 should be on the schema master for the forest.

You should be running adprep on a domain controller.
If I understand you, you are trying to run adprep /domainprep on a non DC?
Run it on a DC in the domain, if the domain does not have a 2008 DC, run the adprep32 version of the command on a 32 bit os server (2003 or 2008 (non 64 bit).

The adprep or adprep32 should be on the schema master and then on infrastructure master for each domain.  If it 64 bit OS use adprep, or use ADPREP32 for a 32 bit os DC.

You need to to run adprep32 /forest on your schema master and adprep /domainprep on your infrastructure master.

Read article below
MFRMLS_IT,   QS121 is correct in what he's saying there. I should have added that myself, but somethng I tend to think certain things are obvious when they are not.  As well running the RODCPREP is not a must but should be done. It will prep the domain for a possible RODC even if you do never use it.
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this is not a solution but I need to close this thanks everyone for their imput