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Exchange server 2003 - can not sent to external doimains or receive from external all mail is stuck in Queue

Today I noticed all outgoing mail I was sending, I received a delayed delivery notification.  Then I looked at the ESM I noticed that they are all stuck in the Queue.  I also noticed that I have not received any E-mails today??? I know know we have serious problems.  We are running Exchange server standard edition, years ago I modofoed the regestry to increase the mail store from 16GB to 75GB and noticed that we have exceeded the 75GB mark which I am sure is not helping this situation.  Does anyone have any suggestions I can try to temporarly ge teveryone online or do I have to dismount the mail store and run ESUTIL,, Is this the correct syntax? D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /D "d:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.edb"

Or Could this be a virus attack?

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you need to perform an offline defrag

eseutil /d "c:\program files\exhsrvr\mdbdata\prv1.edb"

check demzters guide here
since you are at 75gb you most likely do not have any whitespace for eseutil to free up
check your application log for 1221 event which will verify your current free space

you need to mount the database and clean out mailboxes
then you can run the eseutil /d

the next day your database will dismount again, but you can remount it
it will dismount again until you get below 75gb is what i meant to say
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Yes the command is correct.
You could just swittch the folder to where you have the database and run it from there.
Do you have enough space on the D: drive to run the defrag ?
See this article :

Eventually you could also use Exmerge to export some of the older mails from the users mailboxes into PST files and attach them to their outlook as archives.

Another good advice is to set some limits on the users mailboxes else they will just grow and grow.
Before you run the defrag , you can also run a cleanup agent and PURGE the disconnected mailboxes if you don't need them anymore.
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I just spoke with a client who explained that they are receiving NDR messages everytime they try to send mail to us.
They use G-Mail at their office - message says:

Delivery to the reciepient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain.  We recommend caontacting the other email provider for furthur information about the cause of this error.  The error that the other server returned was 550 550 MTA inaccessible for too long for domain: - psmtp (state 14)
Off topic > endital1097: do you ever sleep ? :)
Not so long time ago I got that one from endital @ http:#33649754

endital is on target...

I do not have much free space on the D: Drive, take a look at the pic I have enclosed.  What is the available "White Space" you are referring to?  Just free space?
the whitespace i am referring to is empty space within the edb file that isn't being used. can you attach an external usb disk drive for this issue.
White space is - blank space within the .EDB file

You can copy the EDB file to a external Drive and run eseutil from there.
Eseutil /d will require 150% free space to run
And it runs at 5-6 GB/hr - 10 GB/hr tops. (usually a overnight job)

you can run eseutil from here
cd c:program files\exchsrvr\bin

eseutil /d "h:\exchsrvr\priv1.edb"
The issue looks to be that the database has exceed that limit and thus might be getting dismounted.
as the database is getting dismounted the mailflow is not working fine.
The command eseutil /D "d:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.edb" is correct but there are few thing you have to take in consideration.
1. You have to create some white space on the 75 GB database, so use the, article to increase the database limit to 76 GB, then mount the stores and ask your users to delete the unwanted emails from their mailboxes.
Note: If you change the store retention period to 0, then run the defrag, it will clear out much more. Change the retention period on the Store Properties. So after your users delete the unwanted emails, set the store retention period to 0 and force the online mailntenace to run on the database to get maximum free space in the database.
2. Since you are running the command from the "D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin" location the "D:\" should have around 85 GB free space (110% of the database) on the "D:\" drive.
3. The database command priv1.edb has to be dismounted when you are defragging the database.
4. The command "eseutil /D" runs at a speed of the 6-8GB per hour, so 75 GB should appox take 9-10 Hours to complete, but it also depends a lot on the amount of white space in the database. if the amount of white space is less then the process completes faster.
5. Once the database has compacted after the defrag is done you have mount the database and then dismount it and run isinteg on the database to remove the logical corruption, the command would be "isinteg -s "Server Name" -fix -test alltests", this command also runs at a speed of 6-8 GB per hour, so it is going to take time.
If you cannot afford downtime then you can mount a blank database in the production and then go ahead and run the defrag on the 75 GB database.
To mount a blank database in production all you have to do is rename database files or move the database files to a different folder and mount the stores in the Exchange Management Console. This will enable mail flow but user will not be able to see he old emails.
Note: If you are mounting a blank database in exchange 2003 then the outlook users might have to reconfigure their outlook profile.
Best of Luck.
Yes I do see several Event IDs for 1221 - The database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (EXCHMCN)" has 20 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.

WOW how long do you think it will take ESUTIL to compress 97GB?
remember to check the application log on the server first for the 1221 event
if the event says 0MB, then you are wasting time

mount the database and clean mailboxes
purge old mailboxes

then you can run the defrag
you need to clean first, 20MB will not get you anywhere
better get it off on a external USB disk - those 500 GB one's and run it now.
You can check back around dinner time and see how this goes.
Once that's done - let us know the size of .EDB file and post back here in this thread. Someone will attend to you.
don't start now, you don't have any whitespace
So here is my plan of attact - let me kow what you think:
1.  Log into Outlook - configure old users accounts - pull down their mailfile to a .PST file to save just in case.
2.  Delete the old users from exchange mail store - What is the best way to purge old mailboxes from the server?
3.  Copy Priv1.edb & Priv1.stm to a external drive and Run eseutil /d to compact mail store
(the goal is to get the .edb file size down, what about the .stm file size?)
4.  Still not sure if I will run isinteg, not sure what it does?
5.  Copy over the new Priv1.edb & Priv1 stm file from the external drive back to the echange server

Are their any other switches I need to use when I run Esutil ?

Thanks guys, it is great to bounce ideas off talented people, especially when you are having problems!
Eseutil and isinteg - you run these commands when the database is dismounted.

Check this guide - read both part 1 and 2

to answer your qns.
Exmerge old mails out of mailboxes.
I usually go for the biggest one's first - and exmerge all emails till 12/31/2009

4) isinteg  = integrity test
You need to run isinteg.

isinteg -s SERVERNAME -fix -tests ALLTESTS
You need to repeat isinteg till you get zero errors.

mount the database.
Till your isinteg runs - you can create a blank dial-tone database so that your users can continue to send/receive emails.

1. correct.
2. correct. To purge just go on the ESM and select your Mailbox Storage group , select the Mailboxes folder and right click : Run Cleanup Agent.
3. correct
4. no need
5. correct

Another thing you could do it to run the eseutil with the "/t" switch and put the path of your external hard drive as temporary database , in this way the exchange will copy the defragmented database back on it's place automatically when finished.
Hi IngramEntities,
In the Post with ID: 33649947, i have mentioned a action plan that will help you reduce the database size, pls have a look at it.
the exchange server stores the data in pages, when you defrag the database, the pages are rearragned and this causes logical corruption in the database (The physical Checksum number and logical checksum number of the pages not match this is called logical error). Running isinteg will resolve the issue, as isinteg will align the pages in correct order.
1.  Log into Outlook - configure old users accounts - pull down their mailfile to a .PST file to save just in case. - Exmerge will be quicker if they are less than 2GB in size

2.  Delete the old users from exchange mail store - What is the best way to purge old mailboxes from the server? - configure the database with 0 days for deleted mailboxes (properties, limits tab), delete the mailboxes, change the setting back

3.  Copy Priv1.edb & Priv1.stm to a external drive and Run eseutil /d to compact mail store
(the goal is to get the .edb file size down, what about the .stm file size?) - edb will take enough time

4.  Still not sure if I will run isinteg, not sure what it does? - skip

5.  Copy over the new Priv1.edb & Priv1 stm file from the external drive back to the echange server - run eseutil /mh c:\pathtodb\priv.edb and verify it is in clean shutdown state

Thanks guys, it is great to bounce ideas off talented people, especially when you are having problems!
Mike : I would give the points to Cyrus9 ! He sure took his time to write and explain everything in one post step by step. Nice job Cyrus9.
I still find it Odd that I can send mail internally to all the interoffice employees attatched to the exchange server - just can not send or receive any external mail?  
can you run this from DC

dcdiag /v /e /TEST:DNS > c;\dcdiag1.txt

your bigger issue is the database being at capacity
there may be something built into the information store that prevents receiving messages from smtp
remember internally sent messages in exchange 2003 never leave the store

shrink your database
And the Fun Begins,,, I am copying the Priv1.edb & the Priv1.stm files to a Maxtor World Book Edition NAS --- Priv1.stm file (25GB) ~~ 62 minutes remaining Priv1.edb (75GB) ~~ 221 minuttes remaining.  Hurry up and Wait!!
do you have any idea how much data you were able to move off?
Not a whole lot, I purged old users, but when I looked in ESM at the mailboxes I added up all the mailfiles Sizes and they were no where near 97GB?  They equaled about 25GB, so where does all the extra space come from?  Is that the "White Space" ?  The Priv1.stm has completed its copying, now waiting on Priv1.edb~~ 101 minutes remaining...
is it still copying ??
Well I finally have completed copying both .edb & .stm files to a externale drive, which I have mapped as the W:  With that said here is what I get when I attempt to run the Esutil /d

W:\Exchange>eseutil /D "W:\exchange\priv1.edb"

Microsoft(R) Exchange Server Database Utilities
Version 6.5
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Initiating DEFRAGMENTATION mode...
            Database: W:\exchange\priv1.edb
      Streaming File: W:\exchange\priv1.STM
      Temp. Database: TEMPDFRG1976.EDB
Temp. Streaming File: TEMPDFRG1976.STM

Operation terminated with error -1018 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure, Checksum error
on a database page) after 0.641 seconds.

I am sending out a SOS...Please help.
It is not looking good...

W:\Exchange>eseutil /g "W:\exchange\priv1.edb"

Microsoft(R) Exchange Server Database Utilities
Version 6.5
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Initiating INTEGRITY mode...
        Database: W:\exchange\priv1.edb
  Streaming File: W:\exchange\priv1.STM
  Temp. Database: TEMPINTEG5488.EDB

Checking database integrity.

                     Scanning Status (% complete)

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100

Integrity check completed.
Database is CORRUPTED, the last full backup of this database was on 04/22/2009

Operation terminated with error -1206 (JET_errDatabaseCorrupted, Non database f
le or corrupted db) after 77.78 seconds.
run this eseutil /p "W:\exchange\priv1.edb"

That is hard repair.
after that you will have to run

eseutil /d "W:\exchange\priv1.edb"

Do not click on the dos window otherwise it will stop the repair / defrag process.
If it suspends / stops in between - click on the window once to resume.

Thanks, I did not see any other options so I started it about 45 minutes ago, only to receive a pop up box telling me that this could result in loss of data....Oh Crap....

Checking database integrity.

                     Scanning Status (% complete)

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100

Scanning database Catalog.

                     Scanning Status (% complete)

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100
At this point I am considering setting up a New Exchange Server, and possibly moving mailboxes to it?  Never done that before,, Let me know what you think?  

OK it is not getting any better, the application log is now full of Event ID 500 stating:

eseutil (4204) The database engine lost one page of bad data. It is highly recommended that an application-level integrity check of the database be run to ensure application-level data integrity.

OK This is not working, it has been over 2 hrs since I last posted activity atatus, and the dots are not moving.  Here in the office I only have 12 users.  I have gone to each peosons desk, and exported all their mail from Outlook to a local .PST file.  What is I blow away the corupt huge mailstore and create a blank one, and start fresh.  Only question is how do I get all the users data back in?  If all the users are using cached mode, will the clients push all the mail into the new mail store and build their new mailbox on the new mail store?  I am on uncharted water right now, and will wait until someone reads this and lets me know what they think.  I would like to talk to someone who has gone through this proceedure before and could help guid me to ensure I do not loose all the users data.  I looked a the NT backup that ran last night and it is almost 100GB so I really do not want to restore that.  I think starting fresh may be the best option, just need to get clarification on how to restore users from Local .PST files.

Where are my Experts?????
Well The Eseutil was a bust, I am ready to start with a new mailstore.  However I want to talk to someone before I set up a new mail store.  Let me know whene you guys are up..... and back on-line
With Exchange 2003 sp2 Standard version I am not able to make a new Mail Store, so do I blow this one away, or do I make a new Storage Group?  Please help.

do you have a backup before last night's activities?
award points? you're still down...

hopefully when you started you copied the files from point a to point b
if that is the case you should be in good shape
1. delete the copy version on W
2. dismount the database is if isn't already
3. run eseutil /d c:\exch\priv1.edb /tw:\exchange\temp.edb

post results if it fails
No NT Backup available, so all last night I went to each PC and backed up data from Outlook, Files --Export to File---PST file --- and selected the users name at top --- include all subdirectories --- and created PST files.  That is all I have to work with.  I do have a full backed from 8.1.2010 but I am not sure it will be of any use, and it is 100GB in size.

What do you think best option is?
did you move or copy the files last night?
Eseutil was no help, Eseutil /d would not work at all just threw up errors, then I tried eseutil /p after 8 hours, it was still not complete, just got hung, so I turned it off.  

I think best option is start fresh, but how do I get the data from the outlook .pst files pushed up to new exchange store?
you would want to move all current content out of the folder where the original database and log files lived
once they are empty you can go into system manager and mount the database
it will give you a warning that the database will be empty, accept it

since these PST files are most likely over 2GB you will need to use Outlook to get the data back into Exchange

you need to decide now how you are going to address the big issue of your database size.
do you import those PST files or just attach them to the outlook profiles
do you plan a migration to 2007/2010
do you implement storage quotas

you have a lot of options, but you have to do something now
Yes, I do need to set a plan - but have to get E-mail working today.

At this point I have 2 .edb files and 2 .stm files in the d:\Exchange\MDBDATA\ directory do i even need to copy these huge files off to an external drive Again?  What good are they?  I could not get Eseutil to run /d or /p on the files?
ok, so you still have the original priv and pub files...

mount your database and clean it out
get it to the point where the size minus the amount in the 1221 event is below 75gb
As far as the server we just had a huge layoff of employees, so when I start up the new / empty mail store I will only be have 15 - 20 users.  I only have 5 users with large mail files 4 with 2 GB mail file sizes and 1 with a 10GB mail file.  He lives in Outlook and uses it to store files instead of storing them in My Documents?  Not sure why but he likes it that way.

I do have quotas turned on at 2GB
I would lke to import the .PST files into the outlook clients so the users will not miss a beat / lose any data.
I do not have any plans to migrate to 2007 or 2010 but after this episode I will be looking at moving the E-mail to a hosted solution in the Cloud!

I have all All users using cached mode enabled so maybe it will just work?  I am not sure.
How do I create all the new users mail boxes?
Please tell me I do not have to blow away thei account from AD and recreate it.
check this link

here is an excerpt
If the first check after a database mount finds the database size above the limit, the database will not be taken offline but an error event (ID 9689) will be logged in the Application event log.

If it is the second check, an error event will be logged in the Application event log and the database will be taken offline.

After the administrator remounts the database, he or she has 24 hours (or until the next database size check or 05:00 if the default is set) to take corrective actions.

if you want them to start using the PST files you create last night, follow my steps earlier to mount a blank database
In stead of pointing the mail store to the D: which has 116 GB logical drive can I store it on the E: where I have a 280 GB logical drive?
yes, change use system manager to move the file, don't move it manually

if this were me, i would mount the original
clean out what i could
dismount the database
then run eseutil without moving the file using

eseutil /d c:\path to edb\priv.edb /s"C:\path to stm\priv.stm" /tw:\exchange\temp.edb /fw:\exchange\temp.stm

you mentioned eseutil is not working -- did you click in the window ????
it will pause the eseutil process if you do.

I mentioned it earlier in my post
No clicking on the window,
OK the .edb file & .stm file have been unmounted and copied off to a external firewire drive.  Should I just delete all the contents of the MDBDATA directory where the files are currently? Then restart exchange services to create a new mail store?  Please advise,,
OK Now I am stuck.  I have created a new Mail Store & puble Folder, and I see mailboxes popping up in ESM, however they are 0 size, the queue before all this had 29 messages held up that would not be delivered, and I still see those 29 E-mail messages in the queue that need to be delivered, however they are not releasing, and I still can not send or recieive any E-mail?  
Please help...
Is it time to call Microsoft?
Check your smtp service and make sur it is running
check other services that are set to automatic
is your database mounted?
are all your services running?
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GeoSs please explain, I did run around to each PC last night and exported all mail to .PST Files.  

endital1097 - yes all services are running, yes the new mail store mounts great, However I am in the same pardicument - Can not send or receive external mail, it just sits in the queue??????
My application event log is all red with event ID 1022 Logon failure
Logon Failure on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (EXCHMCN)" - Windows 2000 account INGRAMMACON\Otis; mailbox /O=Ingram LeGrand/OU=INGRAMMACON/cn=Recipients/cn=gdazeley.
Error: 1010

Also getting some event ID 7010
This is an SMTP protocol log for virtual server ID 1, connection #1. The client at "" sent a "rcpt" command, and the SMTP server responded with "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for  ". The full command sent was "rcpt TO:".  This will probably cause the connection to fail.

Another wierd thing is Wenmail works internally but not externally?  Not sure why???

Here is a nice article on how to use Exmerge :

Regarding the other problem , I am sure that is a DNS issue.
Check the DNS settings on your exchange.
Try to solve the IP addresses of some of the remote domains from your exchange box.
Can you ?
Are you using smart host to deliver your e-mails ?
Can you right click on a queue and say "Force Connection". Will the queue go down ?
Here is a nice tool to test your Exchange connectivity :
are the accounts generating the 1022 events disabled user accounts? if yes, these can be ignored

the 7010 event is from the exbpa running and testing your system - ignore

are the message stuck in the queue outbound messages from your users?
can you telnet into your server on port 25 from an external source?

telnet 25
OK I have Exchange now working It is a Miracle, seemed to have several problems.  
Post 25 was not open on my public IP address pointing to Exchange, not sure how that stopped working, I check Sonicwall looked right, still nothing, I changed the Nat policy pointing it to another Public IP address and now port 25 is working???  Just making me Mad and no idea why this crazy stuff that is not normal is happening.  I called Cox Cable and had them check our IP Address Block and be sure they were all still assigned to my company, and of course they said everything was fine on their end However I had them reset arp cache, and reset upstream router, not sure all that was necessary, but I wanted to be sure it was working correctly.
The I call SonicWall and they looked at Firewall said everything looked fine - at this point Nothing else to do but update firmware on Sonicwall and Reboot...
I changed all Public IP address back to original IP - and everything starting working....

I called Cox Cable back spoke to an Engineer and found out they ran a cisco update on the NOC and they are having several people calling in with service not working correctly if you are running a SonicWall Fire wall with multiple IP addresses.  DAMN, I wish they would tell customers when they run updates, they say OOOPS that did seems to break things!!!

Sucky Weekend, however the large Mail store was not the poblem but was a time bomb ticking and would have crashed at somepoint.  So I guess all I can say was it needed to be done anyway However just not this drastically.  

I am now opening Outlook on each computer and gett a pop up box, which I will include stating do you want to open Outlook with old mail and not be able to send/receive new mail or use temporary mail box.  I choose temporary mailbox and now my Outlook is taking nicely with exchange.  However all my mail/calendar/contacts are gone.  What is the best way to pull in my .PST data?  I have been told to use ExMerge,,, which I have never used / seen before but will be glad to download it and figure it out, where do I run it from PC or server?  Or can I just import my .PST from my PC using Outlook, and will it sync all my mail/contacts/calendar with my new Mail box on the new mail store?

Let me know best way,
if you have the management tools it's best to run from your pc
just download and put the files in the exchsrvr\bin directory
remember it has a 2gb pst limit

were you not able to mount the original database?
I have rebooted employees PC and loged back into the Domain.  I opened up Outlook and it opened Fine, did not give me the POP up message it had given me 10 minutes earlier, and all the users Mail, Contacts, calendar, Task list are all there in tact.  I can send mail, even see the Global Contact list with all the employees in there Awesome!!  However when I try and open a calendar event it tells me I do not have ownership of theis item contact system administrator.  When I go into contacts I can see all the contacts, but same message appears if I try and open a contact.

Any suggestions?
Here is image of the pop up message I have been getting in Outlook clients previously, may not be an issue now?
which option was selected when opening the mailbox?

do you still have the original database files that were 75gb?
if you do, i would do the following
stop smtp service to stop inbound mail
run exmerge to export all mailboxes to PST files (all the inbound mail since mouting a blank database)
dismount the database
move the current database and log files to a temp folder
move the original database and log files into the current folder
mount the database
run exmerge to import the pst files

I selected use temporary mail box when the pop up appeared, however I did not get the pop up on all clients?  I just went back to a client that did not give me the message, and now it did give me the message, so I clicked use temp mailbox, and all their mail, contact, calendar, talk list are gone, but it is talking to the new Mail store.  It may be easier if I just import the .pst from the outlook client, then sync with exchange?  What do you think?
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but if you've move to the 280gb volume with most being free space you should be safe
just monitor
Thanks to All could not have done it without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aweson Expert, thanks for all your help!!
I had to backup Exchange data by going to each PC, exporting all mail & subfolders, calendar, contacts, task to a local .PST file
Stop Exchange mail store
Delete all contents in the Exchange\MDBDATA\
Start back up Exchange with a blank empty mail store
Go to each client, Open Outlook, choose use new mailbox - which was empty, no mail, no contacts, no calendar, no task
Import the .PST backup file, and BAMB! I am back in business
Not sure that was the Best way, but it worked great for me...
great, and thanks for the summary