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DNS propagation question

Hello, 48 hours ago DNS was modified to point website to one host (BlueHost) and
email to another host (Liquidweb)

Today when I ping from my Comcast connection it shows the correct IP for the
website ( and the correct IP for mail ( but when
I send a test email through Comcast it's still going to BlueHost.

Domain is

Mail sent from within the email host server (Liquidweb) routes correctly to his email address, but all other mail goes to BlueHost.

any ideas?
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I tried checking using and the domain for mail on the Internet is still showing Maybe you need to contact your ISP and see if there is a propagation issue on their part. I remember making a change several years ago with MCI, and when I called back, told me they were having DNS issues.
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Is this a bind dns server?  If so, did you restart the bind service after making the changes?
;; ANSWER SECTION: 503      IN      A

atomant@neteng01 ~ $ dig +short

You need to update the MX record to point to

meaning the MX record is pointing to the parent domain:

atomant@neteng01 ~ $ dig mx +short
You may have changed the A records but not the MX records. An "A" record change would ping the correct spot.  E-mail can still go somewhere else though as it depends upon the MX records.  Go to and put in your domain to see what your MX records are pointed too.  I checked it and it is pointed to  Ask whoever holds your dns records to erase that enry and put the correct one in.
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it's a cpanel server, here's a screenshot of the DNS as we have it setup, and he is using our nameservers:
Not on the server. Your MX record with your ISP. That is where you need to make the MX record change.
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Sorry, mis read you last post. on the MX record, you need the IP on the right side instead of the domain name.
bad practice to use the IP; besides, there is an A record already defined for the IP (mail):
rfc1180: thank you very much, you were absolutely correct.

48 hours and multiple techs and it took experts exchange to correct it within minutes

thanks again