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Looking for the Correct ATI Graphic Adapter driver for the AX5670 1GBD5-NS3H

Two months ago I purchased the AX5670 1GBD5-NS3H card from Amazon and it worked great, At the time I was running Windows Xp. Recently I formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 7. During the install process Windows 7 searched for and installed what it thought to be the correct driver but after reboot my screen was black.

Since that time I've been trying to locate the correct driver on AMDs website, First of all I don't even see an AX... series. There is an HD.... series but I don't know if their the same. I tried downloading different drivers a couple of times from the HD5700 series (HD5600 series not listed) but in each case during the install I get a crash (blue screen of death).

I understand previous installed versions must be uninstalled  before installing a new one but there's no indication any previous drivers exist.

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It uses the HD5670 chipset.  Here's the link to ATI/AMD:

32-bit -
64-bit -

Here's the Link to powercolor (The Card manufacturer):

Here's a manual removal tool for the ATI Catalyst software:

Good Luck HTH
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Kadafitcd: I tried both 32 bit drivers you reference using the manual removal tool in between. It's interesting in that both drivers appeared to install correctly (no blue screen or errors) but following the install you're asked to reboot. Once you do that and the boot process starts up, the screen is black. I thought perhaps the resolution was set to high so I adjusted it down to 1024x768 but the results were the same.

Any ideas?
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can you boot normally in safe mode?
you can also check if this helps :
Yes, it boots normal in safe mode. That's what I have to do to disable the ATI driver so when I reboot again it loads the Windows 7 default driver. I'm beginning to wonder if the adapter itself is bad even though I just bought it. Is there any way to verify that?
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How do you run diagnostics on a computer with no screen??
because the diags don't load windows - except Burnintest..that's how
and you can run all you want in safe mode too !
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In reviewing this whole mess, a couple of things have popped out at me. Remember, this card worked great when I had Xp installed. The problems started when I moved to Windows 7. I went back to the AMD website and looked up the Xp drivers which was pretty straight forward and no doubt what I installed previously. Then I reviewed the Windows 7 driver choices and notice (even though I never noticed before) they all end with "PE". After educating myself on PCI Express I assume that's what the PE in the driver name is referencing. This card is not a PCI Express card as far as I can tell yet the only Windows 7 drivers available are PCI Express so I'm becoming more and more convinced it is a driver issue and there aren't any Windows 7 drivers for this card.

I ordered another HD5670 from Amazon but this model is a PCI Express. I'm expecting the card this week so I will soon no for sure. Until then, I think I'll just wait. Thanks for the input, however.
Well, sorry to inform you of this.  But your current card is a PCI Express Video Card.  They don't make that chipset on anything else.  I looked up the exact model you posted and sure enough it is a PCI Express card.

You may still be in luck by ordering the new video card if this old one is faulty you should send it back.  However they will just repair or replace the card as it's been more than 30 days since you bought it.  But it would still be good to either have a backup or sell it on ebay or something.

As for the fact that it worked properly in XP and not in 7 I'm not sure what the cause is.  Maybe Direct X 10 or maybe the Drivers just aren't good.  But most likely the card is bad if you've tried everything I've told you.  Hopefully your new card will work great.
Guess that shows you how much I understand about video cards these days. And to think I used to make a living doing things like this! Anyway, the card should arrive tomorrow. I bought the XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB DDR5 DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card HD567XZNF3. I sure hope it uses different drivers.

I'll let you know.
If you can manage to get your drivers rolled back , or do a system restore to let you boot up to a desktop try this its free and does a good job of geting a good driver.
Well, I'm back! I installed the new card, deleted/reformatted the partition, reinstalled windows 7, installed - or should I say attempted to install the driver from the ATI website and almost immeadiatly triggered a blue screen so I'm back to square 1. Same result now with 2 ATI cards. I'm obviously missing something.
it looks like it is not compatible with the motherboard..or windows7; can you verify that?
The card claims to be Windows 7 compatible so I'm investigating the motherboard now i.e. BIOS updates, etc. I'll let you know.
ok curious what it will be..
Me too. I just got off the phone with Dell Tech Support. They spent 3 hours (remote desktop) and couldn't fix it so their escalating it up a level. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Monday morning.
glad you found it ..