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Cannot Connect to Published Application or Application Set on new Citrix Install

I have just installed Citrix Xenapp 5 for Windows 2003 server on a machine. I think I have everything setup properly but I cannot connect to the web interface nor can I see any published applications. When I try to go to the web interface it just gives me the generic page under construction message. When I try to connect via Citrix Program Neighborhood it gives me this message:

The network connection to your application was interrupted. Try to access your application later, or contact technical support.

When I try to connect via the Citrix online plug in it says:

Citrix online plug-in could not contact the server. Please check your network connection.

When going through Citrix Program Neighborhood it does find the farm name, so I guess that's a good thing. It has been a while since I have had to install Citrix so there is a possibility I am doing something wrong. I have tried going through all the documentation but they are all pretty tough reads and never seem to exactly answer any questions that I have.

Any help I could receive on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I will take a look and see what I can get from it. Thanks for the link.
Hi, DId you create a site? You need to install web interface and need to two things.

Site for web interface and site for PN agent. Once you configure that you will be able to connect.
I did not specifically do anything to create a site for either the web interface or the PN agent. I thought they would be created by default. I will review the link provided by CarlWebster to see what I am missing there, but if you can tell me what I need to do to add the two sites I would be happy to give that a try in the meantime.
I am teaching an Exchange 2010 Design class this week so my time is very limited.

You will need to go into the Web Interface and create a standard site and a XenApp Services Site (PNAgent Site).  THe name will depend on what version of Web Interface you are using.

My articles will walk you step-by-step thru creating both sites and configuring them.
This is better for the XenApp Services Site (PNAgent):

  Thank you so much for responding to my question as well as making that guide available. It turned out I actually had a wide variety of configuration problems that were causing issues, but using the guide I was able to get them all corrected and get the server up and running.