Windows Active Directory Rights Management Services(AD-RMS) - Client Not Connecting to AD RMS server

AD RMS role is installed successfully on Win 2008 ENT server without any error or warnings. Windows 7 client is not connecting the AD RMS server.

How do I diagnose this issue? Give me step by step information on setting up AD RMS client.

Let me know
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KidsTrainingTeamConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry, I hit the wrong button. Please add this to the above comments

In Task Schedule on the client side:
1. Enable AD RMS Rights Template - Automated
2. Run AD RMS Rights Template - Manual, eveytime when you create new template on the AD RMS server.

Office 2010 is still not communicating with the same AD RMS. any help?
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Proceed step-by-step with this article. It should solve your problem


Additionally, users have to have defined e-mail adresses in AD
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
I did follow all these steps mentioned by ISIEK during installation, but no luck. Is there any specific Registry Entry I have to make in the client Win 7 computer.

RAJAN: I am using Win 7 so AD RMS client is installed by default.

Please let me know
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
I have also created Rights Policy Template and assigned to particular user account. When I log in on the client computer using that particular user account nothing happens. How can I push the Rights Policy Template to the client ?
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
AD RMS with OFFICE 2010, still not communicating.

AD RMS with 2007 Office works now. you have to do following:

In Task Schedule on the client side:
KidsTrainingTeamAuthor Commented:
i didn't get a response for a while now, want to close the case
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