Sonicwall 4500 X0 to X2 Bridge

I have a sonicwall 4500.  X0 is a lan with 192.168.1.x subent and X2 is configured as a LAN with a 10.0.0.x subnet. What would be the routing rule i'll need to allow X0 to see X2?  I need a server on the X0 LAN to be able to communicate with workstations on the X2 LAN?  Cheers!
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
login to the sonicwall and go to firewall > Access Rules.  You can see the rules based on zones.  What zone did you call the X2?  Either way, you want to click the matrix that is X0 > X2 and X2 > X0.  Depending how you had setup the zone originally, it may already be trusted.  Otherwise, it may be set to Deny.  You can leave that and create another rule that's more explicit or modify the existing rule configuring it to allow.  Then, all hosts will access the zone.
thanks for the points!
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