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Force 1024x768 for all users on the system


Does anyone know how to force a specific screen resolution for all users on a Windows 7 computer. Win7 likes to auto-adjust, and that cancels-out some displays on public computers, running Windows 7. We need 1024x768 for everyone, all of the time.

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Yes, we have it.
The articles links are dead, and the solution is non-descript.
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Although there is not a group policy setting which would allow you to set a
specific setting for the screen resolution for users (this could be an
accidental disaster if set to one the hardware doesn't support), it is
possible to prevent users from altering a predefined screen resolution via
group policy.

In a group policy which linked to a container the user objects reside in,
and where the users have permissions to that group policy, edit the policy
and go to:

User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Control Panel->Display.

You can remove the Display CPL from appearing entirely, or simply remove the
Settings folder tab from being visible for those users.
Nevermind, I see what you're asking now.. the problem isn't users changing the display, it's Windows 7 changing it to something other than 1024*768.

Right. If a user wants to change that is fine, as long as it doesn't persist.
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Thanks. I'll check this out.