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AMD PCNET driver download

Where can I find a legitimate download site to get the required AMD PCNET Family driver to finish a P2V on an NT4.0 server.

I have the NT4.0 server CD rom but that specific driver is not on the disk. I have searched without success and really need to get this VM conversion finished soon.
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Install the VMware Tools package - it contains the driver
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Tried that. I am using VMware workstation 7.1 and it does not contain that driver. I have loaded the VM tools ISO and browsed it without any sucess.
Depending on how you are doing the P2V, if you are using the Standalone VMware Converter you can configure it to install all of the drivers and VMware tools during the conversion process.

Here is a checklist that I borrowed from another Expert here that covers some good practices for P2V.


I just finish almost 50 P2V(all cold migration) servers. I see many type of issues in the P2V.

This is why I create a script for pre and post P2V.

And one of the things that can create issues is the NICs.

1º Create some txt files with all the Network settings in save on the physical server for future use
2º Use msconfig to stop all non windows services
3º Never power up the VM after the P2V and dont use the power on, on the NICs to migrate
4º Before any changes on the new VM create a Snapshot for the Initial State for possible rollback
5º Before start the VM clean all usb, serial port, disk drives etc
6º Remove also any adapters created by the P2V. Create new ones(vmxnet for 3.x or vmxnet3 for 4.x)
7º Start your VM for the first time in safe mode
8º In safe mode, remove all phantom hardware(i have a script for this), and uninstall all Software for Hardware Management(like RAID, Storage agents etc)
9º Use the txt files to config your Network settings according to the old server(do not connect the adepter yet)
10º After this changes reboot the server in normal mode(dont change msconfig yet)
11º After new boot check all the software and services.If you see no issues, or and phantom hardware, then msconfig and choose normal boot. Reboot the server
12º After rebooting the server, check if all services are running, and after all is running, then shutdown the physical server(or disconnect the cable) and connect to the network the VM
13º Reboot on more time the server will all runing(services and network) and test all the network connection and use a domain account

This are some of the tasks that we need to create to have a good P2V sucess

Hope this can help you

I saw that one a while back but it didn't help me out. I did a Conversion and it did everything except set up the network adapter. I have to do it manually now and everything i read says i need that particular driver and the NT4.0 CD rom. I found an old CD rom but the driver has been elusive.
A post in this thread ( tells where to find it on the windows.iso that you mount to install the vmware tools
Unfortunately I haven't had to do any NT 4 for a while... let me know if it finds it there...  Sometimes it is best to totally delete the adapter from device manager and reboot without it on the machine, then shut down and add the adapter again - when it comes back up and asks for a driver disk mount the windows.iso (should be in you install folder for workstation) and naviage to the path in the previous post.

Good Luck
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The miniport driver in the first link you sent me did the trick! Thank you for the assistance!
Thanks Again!