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Flash CS3 .fla to .swf

I am brand new to Flash CS3.  I have a template that has an existing .fla and .swf.  I opened the .fla and went through many layers and finally edited some text (at least I hope I did).  How do I make the .fla into a .swf so I can see if my changes took?  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Fla can be converted to swf by clicking the file menu publish option. Or pressing control enter.
The swf will be created in the same folder as the fla. You then have to replace the existing swf with the one you have created.

By pressing ctrl enter you are testing the changes you have made so you can see if your text has changed.
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I did that and saw the movie but my changes didn't appear anywhere.  Back to the drawing board I guess.
if you have a template, what other files are in the package(if there are any)?  The text may be loading from a .txt or .xml file
The files I have in the template under the flash folder is an JS, ASP and PHP file for the contact page, an error log , index.html, main_v8.html, man_v8.fla, main_v8.swf and now one is named main_v8_scene1.swf because I published it.
OK, well perhaps the text that is replacing yours is in a String variable, or Array (Actionscript)?
The text you are changing is probably an input field. You might want to check the properties of the input field and get the name of the field. Once you get the name of the field you have to search the actionscript and find where its values are being replaced and do the needful
Hi lpetrowicz,

I would love to able to help, but I do not understand WHAT text you are attempting to change. Where is the text found, and what were the names of the layers you went through to edit this text?

Have you tried going to the library to edit the text there? Doing so will cause a change throughout your entire flash file, maybe giving you the change you desire.

Window -> Library or the shortcut Ctrl+L

Hope this helps, regards.
Just out of curiosity, shouldn't the points be split between vipull999 and me? His answer contains another solution to the original question that I didn't list.
If I can change that I will.  Thanks.