RE: Access Is Denied Issue With Specific System Registry Entries (Keys) In Windows 7 -- Why???

Hello. I have a question regarding Access is Denied issues with specific entries (specific keys) in the Windows 7 registry.

Earlier tonight I ran registry repair software and it provides defragging, compacting, and optimizing features. Well, near the end of the process, I get a message that states, "An Error Occurred While Compacting Registry Hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE Access is denied." Hmmm...Is it something going on with Windows 7? I also get another message stating, "An Error Occurred While Compacting Registry Hive: HKUSERS\.DEFAULT Access is denied." So something is happening here in Windows 7! Any clue what is going on? I can see something is blocking it. Windows 7 maybe -- a setting I am not aware of? Hmmm... What could cause this?

Obviously, I seriously need your help! It concerns my registry!  

Thank you!

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TechnoTroyAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone! Thanks for your replies.

Since I last posted, I found the reason or culprit for this issue. It is my security solutions software that protects parts of the system registry. That is why I am getting access is denied issues.

Actually, I had to use the reg defrag software to determine what areas of the registry are impacted by the restrictions since it would tell me the keys involved of the hives which it in essence did for me very well. This way reg defrag software can be an asset to alert you to know what controls are placed on the registry. My registry defrag is designed to work with WIndows 7.

People frown on registry defrag software. I agree. But is can be an asset in particular situations.  

Again. thanks for your help! :)      
Can you explain why you needed to compact registry?

all good registry softwares wont try accessing part of registry where they sholdnt and this app might tried that thats why system gave you that error

if you still need something good for registry i"ll suggest this i used it alot of times!
The registry repair software you are using may not be designed for use with Windows 7.  Most are not worth using, are not nearly as useful as they advertise and typically do not improve performance.  

You should not be using a registry tool unless you have a problem.
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Hi, the reason is:

ubder widows 7 the applications dont have administrator accounts, as it was in windows xp, that is why you get the error message: Access is denied.
This is good security option, which was used in linux operating systems from the beginning.

Dont mess up with the registry.. just leave as it is.  :)

TechnoTroy--I agree whole heartedly with the advice to not "clean" or otherwise monkey with the Registry unless you know what you are doing.  And back up the Registry before making changes.

However, for the record if you lack the proper permission to make changes to the Registry, right click on the key|Permissions.
so yours problem solved?
TechnoTroyAuthor Commented:
Yes, solved.

Again, thanks for your help.
your welcome if it is solved then pls close this question as you prefer.
TechnoTroy--" security solutions "  ??
Do  you mean the security built into Windows?
Any different than setting Permissions in Windows?
TechnoTroyAuthor Commented:
I mean the software that you buy like Anti-virus, Spyware, & Firewall.

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