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how to create meta search engine ?

Meta search engine pass the quires through many search engines like google and yahoo but i want to know how their programming work ?
does it possible to make in php?
is google and other search engine gives rights to use their search engine for meta search engine ?

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Marco Gasi
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Yes they do. You can start to read these pages for Google and Yahoo:

You have to learn about curl also:

What you want to do is not so trivial to can be done with few lines of code. Good luck.
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Thank you,
ok, i will read this..
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Ray Paseur
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Thank you ray and margusG.

I am reading your refered page and found very useful.
Actually i want to start my own search engine to show better search result then existing search engine. But i know that i can't crawl whole web like google nd bing. So i select meta search technology.
Please can you suggest me more if you have any better idea.
I have dedicated server of 500gb space 4gb ram

Not to discourage you, but what you're working on puts you in direct competition against Google, Yahoo, and Bing -- all of them are spending millions of dollars each month trying to get better search results.  They constantly study each other, and they have unlimited access to the top scientists and engineers.

I think you're in fine shape just using their search results through their APIs.  Just be careful of the terms of service - you may need to pay them if you use their data for commercial purposes.
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is there any service where we can pay for their data usage?
I have also found an amazon web information service
There we use all information of any website.
Can i use this information for my search engine. It charges $0.00015 per request. Alexa also powered by it.

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As i understand search technology, according to it all existing search engine have web spider/web crawler program which start visiting website through some initializing url ( known as seeds) and store all website in their database to further index or page rank use. then crawler detect all hyper links and also add it to their seeds need very large space to store these information. it is one type of downloading of whole web. i think it repeat all this process atleast once in 10 days.
if its true then i think its not an advance method. it makes large data transfer.

There is need to develop new technology of search engine....