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auto forrward reply to sender on resign

hi, I need solution to auto forward message to each sender. Having exchange 2003 and outlook client in my organisation.
Situation is that one of collecague is going to resign after 1 month and i want to set auto forward/ auto reply for that user to each sender (includes internal and external) with next person contact detials and name in my absent. So that business mail transaction will not bounce in future and business run smoothly. I can customise template with require details as per my management requirement.
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can you just enable Out Of Office for this account ?
what you would do is when she leaves, change her password, once changed logon to her account and open outlook and set an out of office for external and internal senders, once that is set, go into AD and set fowarding on her account for a user that needs to keep an eye on emails that is coming into her account.

hope that helps
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hi.. i agree with this solution. But i want to set from day he/she puts his/her paper. I don't want to forward complete mail but just want to send inimation about future concern person and his/her details. I can customise. I downloaded aut-reply software and it works perfectly. But it license base and i am searching for in built exchange/outlook features.
with exchange 2003 your best best it OOF, exchange 2007/2010 is different

but here sender is from internal or external also. I checked to configure for all senders but not getting. Please suggest.

You can set autoreply function in outlook rules for all the mails which the user receives
Go to Tools-->rules and alerts-->select blank rule-->dont select anything and click on next-->it will prompt for all incoming mail rule will apply -->ok-->next-->select a rule, auto reply using server and click on that and it will open a new compose page and update the auto reply content -->next-->finish

Test with the mails from internal and you will receive the autoreply message, but make sure your servers needs to all autoreply to external, if your organisation allows external user will also recives autoreply (some organisations wont allow auto reply to external due to security concerns)

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auto-reply software helped me.