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mass storage not working for multiple devices

There are a few devices I'm trying to connect to my computer as mass storage:

iRiver h320 (mp3 player)
Samsung Captivate (Android phone)
Samsung S10 video camera

My system is running Windows 7 Ultimate.  
Motherboard is ASUS P6X58D Premium

When I connect these, they show up on the list of "Devices and Printers" but they do not show up anywhere in "Disk Management."  They're not being assigned a drive letter, and unless I can see them in Disk Management, I don't know how to give them one.

Sometimes I can get the Android to show up as a drive, but then it's only under a minute before it stops working.  All of these devices have connected fine in the past.

Today I was trying to install RockBox on my iRiver device, but I can't do it unless I can direct it to a drive letter.  

What can I do to get mass storage file access to these devices?  Thanks!
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