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Upgrade SBS2008 Exchange 2007 to 2010

Hello Experts,

Wondering if anyone has been succesful at upgrading Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 with SBS2008.

I am not really looking forward to this upgrade, and would prefer someone telling me it is a VERY bad idea...but I need to ask, can it be done and will it work.

Thanks in advance.

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Cliff Galiher
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If yu are talking about upgrading the exchange 1007 on SBS2008 to 2010, then it's not possible, you cannot perform an in-place upgrade of Exchange 2007 to 2010.

If you are asking if you can add an Exchange 2010 server (separate) to an SBS2008 domain then yes you can.  You would need to buy full exchange licenses as this would not be covered by the SBS licenses.

Another one to throw in to the pot, why not wait for SBS7 which has Exchange 2010 integrated.

We are still waiting for the preview so there is no timeline yet as to when it will be available at RTM
Agreed.  You cannot upgrade the SBS server's Exchange version.  You should be able to add an additional server to the network and install Exchange 2010 on that.  But that's expensive and the benefits of moving from 2007 to 2010 are relatively minor in most areas.
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Thanks for the great input...I am going to award the points to Cliff as he answered first, however Thank you all~!
You could also split the points if any portion of my answer was different than his AND you found it useful.
And mine? :)
Sorry guys, I pulled the trigger already. I have another question for you and will post a new thread.
durango099 -

From my perspective, nothing further needs to be done with this question... but so you understand...

neither demazter nor I NEED the points, but from my perspective, points are a currency and when I help you, they are payment in lieu of actual money - a "thank you" for taking the time to help me and contribute information I found useful.  If I'm late in responding and others beat me to it with the same info and I don't contribute anything new, I expect nothing. While demazter and I don't require points to maintain our memberships (we volunteer for the site in other ways and frankly, we answer so many, we would otherwise not be in any danger of losing our memberships), many other people DO answer questions for the express purpose of maintaining a free membership and for those people, it's especially inappropriate not to credit them when they contribute appropriately.  

On the occasions that I ask questions, this is how I base my awarding of points and I think it is a very fair way of doing it.  Strictly speaking, I don't know if Experts-Exchange's policies would be EXACTLY like mine, but I certainly don't think they would significantly object to my interpretation.

Now where's that other question...?
leew: I fully understand your point, and Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how the point splits come into play...I never looked at it that way (go figure).


and here is the other question: