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How To Flash HUAWEI modem?

Hello Experts,

I want to flash a usb modem HUAWEI Model EC 325, this modem has a SIM Card Insert slot where I can put any ISP 3G SIM Card and get connect, but how to Flash it so i can insert the SIM Card and use it immediatly?

Thank you
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What do you mean flash it so you can use it immediately?  Like an autoconnect?  Can't happen.  You would need a software solution for that, not hardware flash.  You can set up some programs to automatically connect to the Internet using a dialup connection, which is what your modem is.  

Does this answer your question?  I'm sorry, but I'm not really clear on what you are asking if this isn't it.
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I used to have same types of issues. If you plug in the modem during the reboot process, your pc will be freezed. So what I did is let the PC completely booted up first and then plug in the modem,. Everything is good to go then.


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You didn't understand guys, well, my usb modem was working with an ISP, now i want to Unlock it so i can use it with any  ISP i want, this modem has a SIM Card where you can insert it so i want to unlock it and buy a SIM card from another ISP and get connected to the internet, you see ?
Hello, poster.  I just noticed this again.  My experience with this stuff is that generally it can't be done and when it can, it is risky.  I have flashed a few things, some for better and some for worst.  If there is any advice posted, it can't be guaranteed.

Now that we have that out of the way, the method I found for this is here:

I have not done this before, but these directions seem pretty easy to follow.  The software that they reference is CDMA Workshop.  It costs $99.  You can get it here:

Good luck.  
so i must buy the software first then try it?
Yes, that would be the way it works.  You are really not supposed to be unlocking these devices.  If you do so, it is at your own risk.  The software that CDMA Workshop provides is a tool to help you do this.  But nobody is going to guarantee anything and, of course, it is going to cost money.
but i can't pay for the software, is there any other way to do it freely?
Sorry, but this is asking too much.  It's a tough problem to crack this stuff and it is not recommended as you can end up disabling your device.  You can think of the software as the culmination of someone else's mistakes.  They are handing you the solution at a price so that you don't destroy your device.  

If you can't afford the software, I would recommend not doing it at all.  JMHO


Technically, this question has been answered.  If the poster is genuinely dissatisfied with the quality of the answer, so be it.  However, I would question whether a refund is in order on account of

1. uninvolvement in the question over a long period of time
2. apparent dissatisfaction with the solution due to cost (not our fault)

I'm not asking for the points, just suggesting that if the poster is asking for a refund, he should make a case for it.  Of course this may make me less popular, but I don't like it when people post, stay uninvolved and then act like we did an unsatisfactory job.  This may not be the case here, but just in case.

Even if we say that an answered is given, that answer has never been used as a test or a try so it doesn't matter at all, this question has no priority since it's not applied on the device.
If I go to the doctor and he says 'take these pills' and I don't, do I still have to pay him?  

It's not our fault you chose not to implement the solution given.  I'm not asking for awarding points if you don't feel it is appropriate.  I just don't think the disposition warrants a refund.  
You have to review your own 3G contract. There might be an option that provider unlocks the modem at no or small charge. Huawei does not sell or support products directly to individuals.
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I'm glad that worked. ;-)  I had trouble finding a free solution myself.  

@zakar1a <-- props