Which APC racks should I select?


I am managing a Communications Room move in the next few months. I have decided to go with APC racks for the move. I am unsure which sized racks I should choose.

Based on the ceiling height I think 42U are a best fit.

What width and depth sizes are better and why?

The two width sizes are 600mm and 750mm

The two depth sizes are 1070mm and 1200mm

At the back of the racks, on each side I am thinking of having one vertical cable managment and power rail vertical. Whats best?

Another question. Would there be any issue using a 1200mm deep rack for all our comms gear instead of servers?

Any advice from others would be much appreciated.


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Firstly, the sizes of the racks aren't of much importance other than that in which consideration of how current and/or coming gear is sized. If you have specific models you are looking at and can tell more about your actual needs then help can be provided. At the moment you seem to be asking about size as the only aspect and in this particular case size does not always matter.

As far as you single power rail idea. Does your gear have dual PSUs? If yes then you would want to run two power rails and give them each different power sources to make use of the redundancy provided in your gear.

If you are attempting to keep this gear powered up during the move for some reason (which it almost sounds as though you are) I can say now this is a bad bad bad idea. Spinning disks won't take well to the vibrations and hard knocks they are sure to endure during the move.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
The wider racks are usually referred to as Telco racks - the thing you need to consider with them is air flow versus the convenience of being able to hide cables easily. The 600mm racks are better suited to a data centre as they help maintain a hot aisle/cold aisle design. (the wider 750mm racks allow hot air recirculation - particularly bad in these days of high density heat monsters.

The depth of racks is important for fitting with your existing server hardware - some rack kits won't stretch to fit the deeper racks. You need to get the tape measure out....
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
go deep on the racks - you will be surprised at how much room you will need for wiring.
if you have rails that don't stretch that far you can install two attachment rails inside the cabinet for those.

i agree with the 600mm rack width.

also dual rails for dual power feeds.  keep power to on side and signal to the other
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Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
also get the top fan option.  this will help control hotspots in your rack
You will need the deep racks if you want to close the back of the rack and get proper circulation
amerretzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the feedback guys,

Any suggestions on the types and uses for accessories? Cable management, which ones are best for severs and comms equipment.

Im thinking of putting all my comms gear in one of these racks as well. Any issue with putting comms gear in server racks?

At this stage I will be going with the 42u 600*1200 with dual vertical power rails both side at the rear.

We have some switches for our floor distribution, these switches have ports which will face the front of the racks. Can the vertical mounting be adjusted. Just thinking there wont be enough space to close the door when everthing is cabled.


Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
you can get extra vertical mounting rails - some racks have rails inside, some have the rails as part of the frame.

i use bulk velcro for cable management.  most equipment comes with cable carriers to manage the cable to slide the equipment out of the rack.

load the rack with the heaviest equipment on the bottom.

keep power and signal separate as much as possible.  power on one side - signal on the other.

don't forget service loops for signal into the rack.

before computers came along - racks were built to hold comms equipment,  if it's got rack ears it's meant to live in a rack!
amerretzAuthor Commented:
I know it's been awhile. But now that the move is over the pressure is off.

Decided to go with

1 x 42U 750mm x 1200mm (For our comms gear and switch distribution)
5 x 42U 600mm x 1200mm (for our servers)

Love the depth racks, much more room to at the back.

750mm width is great as our floor switch cabling, it all flows nicely up the vertical finger cable management trays, and it is all hidden as we purchased the addtional covers.
Velco is great!

At the rear of each rack we went with a vertical cable manager and a vertical metered PDU on each side of the rack. Tried to seperate the data and power on opposite sides as much as possible.

Thanks for all the advise, was a big help!
amerretzAuthor Commented:
Thanks All!
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