Citrix XenDesktop consulting documentation templates

Hi guys,

i was just wondering if there are some documentation templates for download suitable for consulting firm especially for a Citrix related products?

Thanks in advance.
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Pls try to ask in the Citrix Forum:
I have attended XenDesktop4 3 days class and it was a crappy  for the most part as the instructor kept talking for 2 days and the third day was a lab ( most of the work was done for us) you just click next and everything works with no problems.  (what a good hands-on training) :-0 ..... He gave us a bunch of non-sense power point slides and  some word docs but they dose not help at all.

I found the edocs on citrix website is the prefect step by step guide

navigate: XenDesktop -> XenDesktop 4 -> Evaluating XenDesktop -> Evaluating XenDesktop Enterprise Edition
Installing and Configuring the Enterprise Edition Evaluation Deployment -> XenDesktop Administration

you will find 9 Tasks -  it is all what you need. you can have them as PDF as well.

Good Luck.
kengo007Author Commented:
thanks guys - much appreciated
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