I want to read email using delphi then send en email.


I am after some info to see if this has been done before but would like to create my own as I only need a very basic version.
I need to read emails from my hotmail account and only emails with a certain header.
For example all emails that say: Item no.20054342 - Notification of an Instant Payment Received from
Then only show that header in my delphi program in real time.
I then want to pre-type x250 serial numbers around 25 letters long.
Each time a new email arrives in my program a new serial number is sent to the new email, once a serial number has been sent it should be removed
and stored along with that email header with its own ref number which is the 25 letter serial number.
I should be able to change the header to look for as my item number will change every week.

where do I start and whats the best way to tackle this, I want to make sure my customers get there code faster than what I can do manually.
must be coded in delphi
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Ephraim WangoyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  I, MsgCount: Integer;
  EMessage: TIdMessage;
  if IdPOP31.Connected then

  IdPOP31.Host := 'POP3 Host';
  IdPOP31.Port := Port No;
  IdPOP31.Username := 'UserName@email.com';
  IdPOP31.Password := 'Password';
  MsgCount := IdPOP31.CheckMessages;

  for I := 1 to MsgCount do
    IdPOP31.Retrieve(I, EMessage);
    //Do something with your email
    //IdPOP31.Delete(I); //delete if you don't need it anymore
  IdPOP31.Disconnect; //It will delete the mail which was marked for deletion
You can deal with installed email client via MAPI interface to read messages and create them in this client's Inbox and Outbox. In some cases it's the best way. But it's not a very reliable solution (bugs in MAPI, poor documentation).

And You can use Indy components to handle SMTP and POP3 clients functionality directly in Your application. These components are called TIdPOP3, TIdSMTP, or even TIdIMAP4.
It's more reliable way to deal with mail. Samples of using these components are in the web. Just google for them.
Emailcoder1Author Commented:
Thanks, im using delphi 7 so i have a good selection of indy components. Can someone provide a working exmaple.

of a memo1 to use these components that as soon as the form is loaded, it imports all my inbox into memo1. Only messages starting with "item 220"

Collection of Indy demos "from first hands"

I have D7 too. In my one there is Indy ver 9.00.10 included.
So, download this file:

and use included project from folder "Indy9Demos\MailClient".

It's easy to understand because Indy in a whole use blocking mode of socket operations. Just try it!

> it imports all my inbox into memo1. Only messages starting with "item 220"

The POP3 protocol does not allow to read message header without reading entire message. It's a limitation of the protocol. So, You need to download entire message to detect that it's subject begins with 'item 220'. If it's critical to filter messages before downloading, You should use IMAP4 vs POP3. IMAP4 can read messages, and download them partially. But I has no idea whether Hotmail supports IMAP4 or not. Do not forget to heck thos condition before consider to use IMAP4.
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